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Backup4All Software Review and 15 Free Licenses Giveaway

Automate the backup process in your Windows PC with Backup4all easily. In few mouse clicks your computer will start to take backup automatically without any extra efforts. Backup4all protects your windows computer from Partial or Total data loss. It is not that easy to recover the data once its lost. If you have so many important data stored in several folders, then manual backup method is not advisable, as you may forgot to take backup regularly.

When we dont do regular backups then the chances of loosing the recent file modifications and changes are high. It is not possible for every one to upload backup to cloud all the time. Maintaining local backup helps us to retrieve the files we wanted quickly and easily without Internet access.

Backup4all Review

Why Backup4all software to backup your windows computer ? Backup4all provides you easiest and completely automated way of backup service to your files and software’s. Once you configured the software after installing it in your Windows, a simple configuration will help you to never loose your files anymore. Let me highlight few best features that also acts as reasons to recommend this wonderful backup software.

  • Take Backups Automatically and Save Time + you Get Updated Data.
  • Backup generated can be stored directly to FTP, SFTP, Network, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, USB/Firewire or any other External Storage Drives.
  • Encrypt and Protect your valuable data that got generated as a backup file. Backup4all provides high secure AES encryption to your files, documents and data.
  • Email Notifications every time the backup got generated and stored in the location you wanted to.
  • Pay only for Features you need. Buy specific edition that suites your requirements.

It is very easy to use Backup4all software in your Windows XP, Server, Vista or 7 computer. This is one best backup software without any doubt that comes at an affordable price to make it simple and easier as well.

Backup4all Software License Giveaway

Here we have 15 Free backup4all software license codes to giveaway to our 15 lucky winners. Each professional license lets you do a lot to backup windows computers without any delay and trouble.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading and participating in our giveaway. Have a great time.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. I not sure if this is considered a backup tools but I used to use Norton Ghost to create an image of my system. Yeah I mean I create image for all partition. It is a free tool though.

  2. Great giveaway.
    I’ve used programs like ocster backup and my pc’s backup up feature in the past, but they haven’t got as much features as backup4all. I’d love to win a licence, please count me in.

    1. Sorry about the delay we missed it the middle of the work. Thanks for your comment and we will sending out the licenses in few hours to all the winners.


  3. Hello robin

    Thanks for your reply and for me winning a licence.

    Have you sent all the licences out now. Just asking because i’ve been checking my email inbox(including spam) but the licence isnt there.

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