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Performance Comparison Chart of Web Browsers

Browser plays a vital role in connecting the user with WWW. Competition is everywhere, and the web browsers are not an exception for it. We know few leading browser names, but use only one as the favorite browser. Its a very rare case of people using multiple browsers, except Web Developers. As web developers always use multiple browsers at a time to test their designed site compatibility related issues.

Here, we can see the screen caps of Top 5 web browsers (Firefox , Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari) and their comparison to evaluate their performance based on Javascript Speed, CPU Usage, DOM selection speed, CSS Rendering speed, Page load time, Browser cache performance.

After the comparisons, we can see the overall comparison chart to see the winner in this race 🙂

The 6 performance indicators are pretty much positive to show that Google Chrome in the top list. Google has understood the web really much better than other browsers :). Ofcourse, its nothing to surprise as they are the kingdom in web who builds the product for every category of people.

source: SIX Revisions

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  1. I really loved Opera during the last several years. Especially Opera Mini which I use in my cell phone. But lately I started using Google Chrome and I opened new opportunities for me. Besides, these 2 browsers have some same features.

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