The Bumpy Road of iOS 17: Bugs and Problems Users Encounter

iOS 17 features were so impressive when demonstrated at the WWDC event. Here are some annoying iOS 17 Bugs and Problems users encounter after updating their iPhones. I was testing the beta version, and the last Beta 8 and RC release gave me hope that it was ready for the final launch.

Sadly, depending on the iPhone model, some users still experience Bugs, Glitches, and Features that stopped working problems after the iOS 17 update.

ios17 bugs problems iphone

This shouldn’t have happened for the premium price they pay for their iPhones. What is happening with the Quality Control and Testing Team at Apple Head Quarters? Are they shipping the software in a hurry with the most expensive iPhones?

Just launched iPhone 15, 15 plus, 15 pro, and 15 pro max, also shipped with the same buggy iOS 17 software. This is bad and makes me say, “Apple should stop treating their Premium Customers, like Beta Testers, by releasing software that just introduces bug after bug each day.”

iOS 17 Bugs and Problems

Let’s explore some prominent bugs and problems users encounter after updating their iPhones to iOS 17.

Unpredictable Volume Bar Movements

One of the notable iOS 17 problems pertains to the volume bar, which has been reported to fluctuate up and down automatically without any user input. This erratic behavior disrupts the audio experience, whether users listen to music, watch videos, or engage in calls, and requires a prompt solution from Apple.

iOS 17 volume up down automatically

Not all users are experiencing the same, but after the iOS 17 update, some users saw the Volume Bar go up and down automatically.

The Overheating Dilemma

Apple also acknowledges the recent overheating problem with iPhone 15 models and iOS 17.0.3, possibly coming soon to address this problem. Apple confirms that they shipped both their hardware and software with issues.

apple iphone overheating ios 17

Image Credit: 9to5mac

My iPhone 15 Plus started to heat up once when the display was OFF.

Apple mentioned to Forbes in their recent interaction that an update is a work in progress to fix the overheating problem for iPhone users.

Numerous users have voiced concerns about overheating devices since updating to iOS 17. This poses a potential threat to the device’s longevity and can be particularly troublesome when using the phone for extended periods, as the excessive heat becomes noticeable and uncomfortable to handle.

iOS 17 Battery Drain Issues

The fast battery drain problem in iPhone is not new. But after the iOS 17 update, users started to see a fast drain compared to their iOS 16.6 update.

ios17 battery drain

Especially on iPhone 13, battery drain and other models have become a significant pain point for users.

The iOS 17 battery drain issue has been particularly pronounced on the home and lock screen, where the battery usage seems disproportionately high compared to other functionalities, diminishing the device’s operational time.

Lock Screen and Wallpaper Woes

The lock screen dark wallpaper issue and the wallpaper depth effect problem, which results in a full-screen blur, have been sources of dissatisfaction among users. The iOS 17 wallpaper issues affect the device’s aesthetic appeal and hinder the user’s ability to personalize their phone to their liking.

ios 17 lock screen wallpaper blur

Users started to notice the lock screen’s full blurred or dark background. The clock is not visible or mixed with some added effects.

I noticed the blur effect on the clock background section when we set up the lock screen wallpaper by pinch zoom out and in to adjust. It is frustrating, and Apple has several lock screen wallpaper-related bugs that are still not fixed.

Phone App Storage Increase

An unexpected increase in phone app storage has left users baffled and scrambling to manage their device’s storage space. For some inexplicable reason, the iOS 17 phone app consumes more storage than its predecessors.

ios 17 phone app storage increase

This won’t be a big problem initially, but if the Phone app storage keeps increasing over time, it will be an issue. People still use 64GB iPhones as their everyday phone.

Apple introduced the Contact Poster feature in iOS 17, which I think could be one of the reasons for Phone App storage to increase as it has to store high-resolution photos or synced photos contact photos.

Custom Text Tone and Notification Sound Hurdles

The custom text tone problem and issues with notification sounds not working on apps have also been highlighted by users. iOS 17 New Ringtones and New Text Tones are great additions, but the custom ringtones are not showing anymore.

When users try to set custom text tones for their Text messages and other WhatsApp notifications, they cannot.

ios17 ringtones text tones not showing

Luckily, this problem was fixed with the iOS 17.1 Beta 2 version released for Developers.

Let’s wrap it up.

What are the problems you are experiencing after updating to iOS 17?

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While iOS 17 brought along many new features and improvements, it is evident that it also introduced a set of challenges that users have to grapple with. From the iOS 17 battery drain to the iOS 17 wallpaper and notification sound issues, users and tech enthusiasts eagerly await solutions and updates from Apple to address these concerns.

Apple must promptly acknowledge and rectify these iOS 17 problems, ensuring users can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience with their devices. Apple fans and users pay a premium.

As we await these fixes, users are encouraged to keep their devices updated with the latest patches and updates, which may provide interim solutions to some of these issues.

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  1. iOS 17.1. is still a mess. Since updating a couple of days ago, from a stable iOS 16.4, on an iPhone 14 (256gb model), I now have the following MAJOR issues:

    – You still can’t change Apple’s mandatory “quiet” new incoming email tone sound, to something we can actually hear.

    – When you make an outgoing call, you may find you can’t end the call, and your iPhone screen goes dark or locks-up. Until the other person ends the call, your device doesn’t do anything, until they do end the call at their end.

    – When you attempt to answer an incoming phone call, it terminates the call, rather than answers it.

    – When you make an outgoing call, the new End Call red button is now centred on the very bottom row, and is now sitting directly above the point where you have to swipe-up to access your phone’s home screen, meaning you may accidentally end your call, whilst trying to access/do something else on your phone – like looking for a phone number, or accessing an e-mail.

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