Best Podcast Applications for Mac, Windows and Linux

After the success of Apple iPod, the word “Pod” and “Broadcast” was combined to form a new entertainment concept called as “Podcast“. It is a digital media where you will get stuffs like audio, video, PDF and ePub files on various topics to use in your portable media players and computers. Similar to TV shows all the Podcast shows will be available as a series on different set of topics in web feeds. You may also want to check our list of best screen recording apps for mac os.

Many News agencies, own their blogs and websites have their own Podcast to discuss about various technologies, user’s doubts and questions and much more. So Podcast is similar to an online radio, but the advantage in Podcast is, there will be channels available on the web and you can subscribe to their web feeds and download the Podcast file to your Portable Media Players, Smartphones or Computers and can be accessed even when you are offline.


If you are interested in starting a Podcast on your own, you should start using some Best Podcast services related to your Podcast category. Then only you will come to know about the techniques and procedure to organize and conduct a Podcast with a group of people. Next the tools for Podcast, there are plenty of Podcast tools available on the Internet. Initially you can’t spend too much money on the premium applications, so here I have suggested few economic as well as good quality Podcast applications for Mac, Windows and Linux. Let’s have a look at the apps and its features below.

GarageBand ($14.99)

GarageBand is an excellent application from Apple for Apple devices like Macbook and iMac. It has plenty of tools and options to create your own podcast channel. The automatic audio enhancement feature and the audio editor will give a professional radio style show to your Podcast. The application is very simple to understand and you can easily create and organize a Podcast with group of people even they are in different places. Also you can add Skype call recordings, different set of audio files and jingles in between the conversation. In the recent update GarageBand comes with Mac by default. If you don’t have this app on your Mac, you can download this for free by visiting your nearest Apple Store.


ScreenFlow 6 ($99)

ScreenFlow is one of the best tool for Video Podcast. People mostly use ScreenFlow for video tutorials, but it is also a great app for video podcast. You get plenty of tools to auto-enhance your voice or any other audio and video files added to it. So you will get a professional quality in your video Podcast. Similar to GarageBand, you can add multiple audio files, background music and skype call recordings in between your videos. It costs around $110, and we have 10% promotional screenflow coupon code for you today. If you would like to use this application for your Podcast you can use our coupon code to purchase it at the discount price.


Mixcraft 6 ($74.95)

Mixcraft is a Podcast managing application for Windows operating system. Similar to GarageBand, you can use your music instruments or a USB keyboard to practice those Instruments and Record your compositions. It is a best tool for Windows to manage your Podcast as well as Edit, Mix and Add Effects to your audio. It has preset of tools for adding backgrounds and music in between your speech. Throughout your audio the same quality and professionalism will be maintained, so that you can grab more listeners for your Podcast. Mixcraft also has options to record and edit videos as well as the still images. So it will be a complete workstation for creating and organizing Podcasts in Windows.


Adobe Audition ($349)

Adobe Audition is a professional audio editing tool for Windows. It is not like other Podcast managers we discussed above, it is a complete audio editor. It has preset of tools to edit your audio file to a fine level and it can mix two or three audio files and add effects to them. Using this application you can organize your audio content from various sources like Skype call recordings, external microphones, etc. It has real-time clip stretching and automatic speech alignment feature which gives a best audio quality in your Podcast.

Adobe Audition


Audacity is an open source audio editing and Podcast managing software for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is one of the best open source audio editor which has all the features of a premium application. You can add and edit different type of audio file formats like Ogg Vorbis, MP3, Wave, AIFF, etc. If you are using Linux or Windows and don’t want to purchase a premium application for your Podcast, you can go for Audacity. It has plenty of features and professional quality tools to deliver an extraordinary audio output for your Podcast.


Apart from these applications, you may download video converters for mac and audio converters for mac to make the entire process go easy. Create a Podcast now and let the world listen to it without any waiting time. These are the five Best Podcast applications for Mac, Windows and Linux. Try your favorite applications and share your experience with us in the comment box. Also dont forget to share this post with your friends and followers across social networking websites. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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