How to Set Any Video as macOS Sonoma Lock Screen Background?

macOS Sonoma has brought a fresh wave of features and customizations to Mac, but the Lock Screen Video Background gets the spotlight. Default Lock screen backgrounds may be boring in a few days.

If you want to set any video as macOS Sonoma Lock Screen Background, this tutorial will help you do it quickly.

set any video lock screen background mac
Set Any Video Lock Screen Background Mac.

Setting a video as your lock screen background adds a dynamic and personal touch to your Mac. In a recent post explaining the steps, I discovered this tutorial from an X user, Natia Kurdadze. Full credit goes to her for the amazing suggestion.

macOS Sonoma Change Lock Screen Wallpaper

Understanding macOS Sonoma’s Capabilities: It’s important to understand macOS Sonoma’s capabilities before diving into the steps. This latest version of macOS offers improved performance, enhanced security features, and more opportunities for personalization.

macos sonoma lock screen background wallpapers
macOS Sonoma Lock Screen Background Wallpapers

The ability to set a video as a lock screen background is not a feature provided inside the system settings – wallpaper section. We must follow a few extra steps to set the video background successfully.

I wish Apple provided some easy upload and set wallpaper options with upcoming macOS updates.

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Preparation: Before you begin, ensure you have the video file you want to use as your lock screen background. It’s recommended to use a high-quality video for the best results. Also, back up your Mac using Time Machine or your preferred backup method, as you’ll be modifying system files.

In her X post, Natia Kurdadze showed us how to set a Spider-Man video clip as a lock screen Background. You can use any high-quality .mov file format videos and do macOS Sonoma Change Lock Screen Background.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Download the Video First, download the video file you want to set as your lock screen background. You can use any video, but ensure it’s in a compatible format (preferably .mov format).

Step 2: Locate the Default Live Wallpaper Directory Open Finder and use the “Go to Folder” option under the “Go” menu. Copy and paste the following path: /Library/Application Support/ This directory contains the default live wallpapers used by macOS Sonoma.

macos Sonoma Video Lock Screen Steps
macos Sonoma Video Lock Screen Steps

Step 3: Replace the Default Live Wallpaper. In this folder, you’ll find the existing live wallpapers. Choose one to replace with your video. Rename your video file to match the name of the existing live wallpaper file you want to replace.

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Macbook Lock Screen Change
Macbook Lock Screen Change

Then, delete the original wallpaper file and move your renamed video file into this folder.

Important Note: If you do not see any video files in the above-mentioned folder or the following /snapshot/ folder, you haven’t downloaded any video clips from the Apple server. Download any video wallpapers in the system settings section, and you will see them in those two folders.

You can rename and replace with any of the short video clips as per your choice.

Step 4: Locate the Snapshot Folder Again, use the “Go to Folder” option in Finder and navigate to /Library/Application Support/ This folder contains snapshots used by the lock screen.

Step 5: Add Your Video to the Snapshot Folder. Copy your video file into the snapshot folder. This step ensures that macOS recognizes your video as a potential lock screen background.

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macOS Sonoma Background Snapshots
macOS Sonoma Background Snapshots

Step 6: Set the Video as Your Lock Screen Background. Finally, go to your Mac’s Wallpaper Settings, and the Wallpaper you set as the first Desktop Wallpaper will be the Lock Screen Video Background.

You should now see your video listed among the available lock screen backgrounds. Select it, and your video will be set as your new lock screen background.

Final macOS Lock Screen Video Background

Spiderman Video Background Mac Lock Screen.
Spiderman Video Background Mac Lock Screen.
macos lock screen background spiderman movie
macos lock screen background Spiderman movie

Setting a video as your lock screen background on macOS Sonoma is a simple way to personalize your Mac. Whether it’s a clip from your favorite movie, a personal video, or a calming nature scene, this feature allows you to make your Mac truly yours.

🚨 Remember, while this process is relatively straightforward, it involves changing system files, so proceed cautiously and always keep a backup of your important data.

Thanks for reading, and if you find this post about Setting any Video as macOS Sonoma Lock Screen Background useful, feel free to share it. Have a wonderful day.

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