Telestream Switch Review and Features Explained

Switch is a powerful media playback, inspection tool available for Mac OS and Windows. You can download switch free player to see how flexible and feature rich this software for your Video Editing, Monitoring and Broadcasting tasks. Here in this quick telestream switch review we will explore the features and highlights of this software.

Telestream launched Switch recently with refreshed design and new feature additions and made it compatible for latest mac OS and Windows. Also new playback format additions such as IMF, DNxHR and JPEG2000 are exclusive to this software.

Switch comes in three different versions and each version adds new features than the other. Before jumping into the version details lets see who should download Switch on their Mac and Windows computers.

Telestream Switch Review

Telestream Switch is a media playback and inspection tool, that allows any video content producers to deep inspect and create a video in High Quality (HD) that plays on any device without errors, audio problems or file format problems. Switch is all about compatibility ensuring software that helps Video Editors, Content Publishers to create a powerful content that plays on any mobile devices, television sets, online video streaming sites and so on.

Lets have a look at the three different versions of Telestream Switch to help you decide which one suits for your requirement.

telestream switch review

Switch Player – a free switch player download available on telestream website that allows you to playback any video file formats without worrying about encoder or decoder problems. No need of additional plugins or software to play that rare video file extension on your OS X or Windows PC. Switch Free player also comes with deep inspection capabilities.

Deep Inspection allows you to check frame accurate playback of all your media content and gives you detailed information about metadata (including DPP), bitrate, video essence, codec, audio channels, speaker assignments, loudness levels and plenty of other data.

Price: $0

Download: Switch Free Player

Switch Plus – this a premium version that requires switch plus license key and priced at $49. This version includes all the free version features plus, playback support for HEVC, MPEG-2 (on windows) and AC3 audio compatibility as well. Switch Plus also supports exporting capability for MPEG-4, QuickTime, MPEG-2 TS/PS, Apple ProRes, H.264 for Caption Playback and Professional Audio Meters as well.

You can see the true peaks and momentary loudness values with Switch Plus software for any video. In their latest update of Switch 1.6 version, telestream included HDMI/SDI hardware output via AJA devices for preview and quality check. As it also supports Caption, formats like SRL and SRT are very well compatible with Switch software.

Price: $49.00

Download: Switch Plus for Mac / Switch Plus for Windows

Switch PRO – adding all the features of Free and Plus version, Switch PRO version is an all-in-one package meant for people in Broadcasting, Media Quality Control Professionals, Editing and any Online Video Content publishers who have their channel on Youtube, Vimeo and other networks. This PRO version includes more playback support, loudness monitoring, advanced metadata display, external preview to AJA devices and iTunes Package export feature as well.

iTunes Package Export (.itmsp) feature allows you to use iTunes export preset to create an asset only iTunes store package with complete content and XML file. Switch PRO makes it easier for you so that you don’t have to do lot of manual work in creating iTunes Package required and compatible files.

Price: $295.00

Download: Switch PRO for Mac / Switch PRO for Windows

Switch Video Tab

switch review video tab

Switch Audio Tab

switch review audio tab

Switch Container Tab

switch review container tab

Switch Metadata Tab

switch review metadata tab

Switch Subtitle Tab

switch review subtitle tab

Switch by Telestream has received positive rating and review by its existing users. If you have used any one of the Telestream products such as Screenflow on your Mac before, then there is no need of introduction about the richness and quality of this software. Create powerful, error free video contents to your viewers with Switch software on your Mac OS or Windows PC.

Thanks for reading our Telestream Switch Review, Feel free to comment and share this post with your friends in Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You have made a great choice by choosing Switch today as your Video Inspection Tool. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

Telestream Coupon Codes

Software Title / Product NameStore PriceDiscount PriceBuy Now / Download Links
Screenflow 10$169.00$160.55Get Screenflow 10 Coupon Code
Wirecast Studio for macOS$599.00$569.00Get Wirecast Studio for Mac
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Wirecast Pro for Windows$799.00$759.05Get Wirecast Pro for Windows
Wirecast Gear$4,995 onwards-Buy Wirecast Gear
Switch Pro - Windows$295.00$295.00Get Switch Pro for Windows
Switch Plus - Windows$49.00$49.00Get Switch Plus for Windows
Switch Pro - macOS$295.00$295.00Get Switch Pro for Mac
Switch Plus - macOS$49.00$49.00Get Switch Plus for Mac

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