10 Strategies to Build Links for Driving Effective SEO: What Layman Says ?

Webmasters and Bloggers should spend more time into SEO these days. Google, the source which generates more organic and healthy traffic recently changes its algorithm and introduced Panda to serve more accurate results. If you are new to SEO then we recommend Best SEO Books for Beginners to read and understand better about it. Here we have 10 strategies to build links and drive more traffic to your website.


Effective SEO is largely dependent on how well you can make your website endorsed by getting back links. Building links for a small business is not that easy, you’ll not get thousands of links overnight rather it has to be a slow process with continual effort. There are two types of links

  • Internal Links
  • External Links

external links are also classified in two parts

  • Inbound Links
  • Outbound Links

All of these have contributions towards enforcing the natural link building campaign, which can bring in great difference in search engine rankings. Here are the Top 10 ways to get your website back linked.

Blog Back You Domain

Add blogs to your domain, search engines are fond of new contents. There are numerous ways you can blog your domain back, such as – Post a new blog related to your domain on a topic of public interest and leave an URL behind. Post comment on a popular blog, these blogs eventually gets long trail mostly with “Congratulations” or “Thank you notes”, exploit these comments. These methods actually win you relationship with the frequent bloggers. But try and avoid putting keywords in the name section, you may end up as spam.

Use Personal Contacts

Your personal contacts like, your friends and family members can be of great use for link building. Ask them to link your website to their blogs, Facebook post or comments and in other social networking sites they use. It will fetch you a chunk of visitors form their peer groups.

Join Local Organizations

In order to target other local business you need your domain to be tied up with local organization like “Chamber of Commerce” or other civic organization. It not only helps you with back links but also provide you an opportunity to create network with local businesses.

Get Linked with NGOs & NPOs

NGOs and NPOs could be of great help in terms of getting valuable and quality links get attached to them & offer them with free services. Mutual services can add value and help serves each other’s purposes.

Relationship with Local News

Relationship with local newspapers can always be beneficial for the mutual interest. Try always making yourself available for comments on news stories that involve your industry is a great way to build awareness about your company and get links back to your website.

Invest in Paid Links

Paying link is like an investment, the wiser you choose, it betters the return it pays. Choose the best page or blog from the best website around; choose the best fitting spot in your website only that can boost your ranks. Be careful of brokers they may have been identified by Google & will contribute with nothing.

Bookmark Social Media

Link with social media helps in terms of link building. In this case their database is your prospect. Turn prospect subscribers into interested viewers of your business. it does not contribute into page ranking of the search engines.

Some premium tools like SocialOomph and TweetAdder increases chances of getting back links from Tweetizens and Facebook ads can be ran to get some back links from Facebook users.

Write Articles and post it to Article Directories

Article marketing is a good known way of publicity. Write informative, detailed, & insightful articles related to current trends, issues of your industries, useful plan of action to curb them and implementation methods that show positive results, it will certainly bring interested visitors. Efficiency will soon end up with lots of quality backlinks as the Domain owners are more prone to use ready made contents.

Submit your Website for Press Release

Writing press releases and submitting them to places like PR Web is a great way to generate business and also to get links back to your website.

Build A Hub Page Or Squidoo Lens

HUB is an interactive page, containing articles (within 450 Words), videos, pictures, polls, and other gadgets that are easy to add. It is an attractive & fun way to earn backlinks.

You dont have to read so many books or techniques to get attracted with crowd of visitors. Just choose one advanced web ranking technique and follow it completely and become expert in it. Search Engines keep on changing the way they work, hence it is important for us to read at proper intervals and understand it better. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have a great time building great links.

Author Bio: For manual link building, The Search Labs is a global leader specializing in the process of link building naturally.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Great Article Robin, to add to your strategies,  write and distribute content on slide sharing sites …Make some kind of software and put it on downloadable sites ….And the most recent one…Pinterest …use it for link building …

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