HOW TO: Create, Test and Monitor Geo Targeted Campaigns ?

Today’s most successful online media campaigns are Geo Targeted. It has been proven time and again that different strategies, marketing messages, color schemes, and prices are effective in different parts of the world. But this added complexity adds challenge to an already challenging proposition: how to successfully create, test, and monitor campaigns that are shown in a different region. This is where Browsing by Proxy enters to solve the equation.

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Product sellers spend thousands of dollars in Search Engine Optimization to rank better. It is really important to understand the crowd that we target before starting with the SEO process. That is how we can save money and time as well. Quality traffic is really matters than Quantity that the SEO expert or any SEO Software can deliver.

Browsing by Proxy: What is it?

A proxy is a computer that is physically located in a different area. When you browse by proxy, you use your computer to access the proxy computer, and then use the proxy computer to access the internet. The result is that the internet thinks you are browsing from the location of the proxy and will display online advertising that is targeted to users from that location. For example, if your office is in New York, but you are managing campaigns that are geotargeted to Los Angeles or France or Japan, you can use your office computer to access proxies in these locations. You will be shown advertising that is targeted to web surfers from Los Angeles, France, or Japan.

Browsing by Proxy: Creating Campaigns

One powerful use for browsing by proxy is creating campaigns. For the research stage, you can browse by proxy to get a real-time for the market you are targeting.  Scope out SERPs in the local area, discover the display activities of your competitors, get all of the information you need to create the campaign for the new geography.

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Browsing by Proxy: Testing Campaigns

As any seasoned media professional knows, testing is vitally important. Mistakes in campaign execution can cost you valuable impressions, which in turn cost you valuable budget. Making sure to properly test your campaigns through your local proxy is critical to remaining on budget and ensuring a successful campaign.  Once the campaign is launched in a given GEO, use your proxy to experience it like a local user does. Validate that your banners and text ads are shown with the correct message, in the correct language, and with the correct pricing.

Interact with your ads to make sure they link to correct funnels, and that everything processes correctly. Investing in a good proxy network, and putting in the time to test campaigns by browsing by proxy will save valuable test budgets.

Browsing by Proxy: Monitoring Campaigns

Even after campaigns are launched, tested, and validated, it is important to keep monitoring your campaigns. Mistakes in deployment can happen at any time, so browse by proxy to keep an eye on things. Of course, if you notice your stats dropping, you should check your campaigns through your proxy right away, but you should also periodically test just to be sure. You may also want to browse by proxy to monitor your competitors’ campaigns in the region.

Browsing by proxy has become absolutely necessary for campaign managers who want to properly create, test, and monitor campaigns in a geo-market other than their own.

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