Ghost: New Blogging Platform Built Entirely with Javascript

Looking for a complete different alternative platform for your blogging ? Want to try something different from WordPress or Blogger platform ? Ghost may help you with that. Ghost is a new blogging platform created by John O’Nolan from Australia, Ghost blogging software will be an Open Source software and built entirely using Javascript. The aim of Ghost blogging platform is to make writing pleasurable and publishing pretty simple. The developer has launched a kickstarter campaign recently and got 5000+ backers supporting it plus achieving the pledged goal.


Allowing the blogger to customize better and make the publishing easier is one main goal of Ghost blogging platform. Many bloggers spend most of their time in customizing their blog and less time with writing. So to cut that waste of time, Ghost is to target easy to do customizing options and help you to spend more time with writing and publishing on your blog.


In this video, John O’Nolan the creator explains why he wanted to create another blogging platform and why it is going to be an open source blogging software and why he needs your support to take this all new blogging platform to next level.

Ghost Blogging Software

Ghost has a smart writing screen on left and a live preview on the right side to let you write and format the post on the fly. You dont have to pause and navigate to various control options, formatting and HTML codes to make the post look good once its published. You can see the live preview instantly on the same screen and that can make the publishing so easy and quick.


Ghost is a Node.js application powered by Express framework. It also has the back end SQLite that can run anywhere. This all new open source blogging platform will be available via which means, it will be extremely simple and breeze to install on all major environments.

Ghost Themes

Ghost Themes are another major concern and it is done with Handlebars which is a popular Semantic Templates building platform. As we know ghost is a complete javascript based blogging platform you dont have to learn another language to create ghost themes. If you know how to create wordpress themes, then you will be able to create ghost themes in less than 5 minutes.

The famous Premium WordPress Themes provider Woothemes has partnered with Ghost in creating themes.

Ghost Plugins

Ghost do support extra ordinary customization and extending your blog with additional functionality supporting plugins. To make this happen, Ghost will support full international translations from the word go using Node Polyglot.js.

Ghost blogging software looks very promising to bring a new revolution in the blogging arena. Impressive Dashboard, Analytics, Easy to edit and publish articles plus tons of other new announced features with Ghost v1.0 sounds interesting and i cant wait to try it out. Ghost will make online publishing better if it comes with wide platform support like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and other mobile and tablet operating systems. The creator of Ghost also promises that Ghost will be legally registered as a not for profit organization to prove that it is made for Love and not for Money.

Check out official website of ghost at and explore the features that are announced so far. If you want to try it, then you may need to wait for some more days as the kickstarter campaign has ended. So the backers only have their hands on this software right now, and it will be soon available for developers world wide.

What do you think about this all new blogging software platform ? Do you like Ghost and want to try as your next blogging software ? Share your views and comments below. Also, you may share this post in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to tell your friends and followers about this new startup. Have a wonderful day !

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  1. Yeah great news. This blogging platform is looking cool. WordPress and Blogger is good platforms of blogging. Its good that this Ghost Blogging Platform is also open source and customized, its free or paid ?

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