How to Generate QR Code ?

QR Code is known as Quick Response Code, has a specific matrix barcode which is readable by QR Barcode Readers and Camera Phones. The code actually consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or any other data.

– Wikipedia

You may generate a QR Code to make the contact sharing much easier between mobile devices. You may also print this QR Code generated with your Name, Contact No, Email address, Website and any more text details you want. When your friend or the person who receives your business card can get all the details in his address book by just scanning the QR image. No more typing of lengthy names and contact details. Repeating of alphabets or numbers can be avoided too.

QR Code Scanner

Scan it and Save it. Thats all it takes. QR Code apps are available for smart phones that comes with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian Platform enabled.

So let me share some websites that provides you this great feature of generating QR Code for your own purpose.

INVX QR Code Generator

QR CodeAn online tool that generates QR Code for any given passage or text that you type. It also generates equivalent Data Matrix image on the same page, both happens in real time. (INVX Website)

QR Net

QR Net

Here you can generate QR Code for a web url. It has a simple interface like google and all you need to do it, just enter the website address you like to generate as QR Code for and obtain the image file. (QR.NET website)

Kaywa QR Code Generator

Kaywa QR Code

This is an interesting one that has everything we need to generate as QR Code. I have generated a QR Code and printed on my Business card too. Its so cool and makes others also interested to generate such. You can enter URL, Text, Phone Number and SMS to generate the QR Code image. This is best to share it with your email, website or in social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc., The tool also allows you to specify the size of the image to be generated.

(Kaywa Website)

ZXing QR Code Generator

QRCode Generator

How about a form type of QR Code generator to make this process much easier ? 😛 yes, ZXing gives you such option to generate QR Code image by filling out a simple form. Once you submitted this form, the next page generates the QR Code for you to Save or share it with your social media profile. (ZXing Website)



Another interesting site which i like very much as it also provides merchandising option once you generated the QR Code in collaboration with You can print the generated QR Code in Business Card, T Shirts, Mugs and so on.

By doing a simple Google search, you will be able to find so many QR Code generator projects online. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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  1. Wow! This is new news to me! I’ll be getting that application for my iphone 4! It will come in handy for my online business! Thank you!

  2. It is really great and interesting, that all you need to produce a QR Code. I created it and printed on my business card. Its so cool and also makes other interested parties to create any business.

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