iFixit, a Free Repair Manual to Repair your Electronics Yourself

iFixit helps you to fix or troubleshoot the mobiles, laptops, netbooks, notebooks, gadgets and many electronic device problems. After reading few interesting titles from iFixit, i am thinking to start my own Electronic Repair Shop as my local business 🙂 and you will think about it too. Lets see how this great website helps you to fix any problems with your electronic equipments in your home and office.

World is moving fast“. You can ask me that world is only rotating on a proper phase and is not changing the phase periodically. Actually that sentence should be framed in this fashion as People in the world are moving fast. Rather than saying this thing you could find people moving even more faster in the very next second. Most of them are eager to  compete with each and every other individual in the world. Even though we have a Google or a Wikipedia the search is still going on to exploit more and more. In most of the time learning factor is been a ridiculous thing. We need assistance and support in all aspects.

That is the reason behind all the product manufactures to a small weblog owner have, a separate tab for support on their websites. Here we are about to see a simple website which gives the user the assistance and support to fix their hardware and some soft ware issues whether it is a iPhone or a normal electronics product anything and everything you can fixit through iFixit.

Let’s Fixit

The major theme behind this website is to provide manuals, and simple tips so that it could be worth a lot to the users who were exactly in need of it rather than spending lot of bucks on some service centers. iFixit allows you to take some tutorials, read the manuals and interactive steps to fix your malfunctioning electronic product. The most special feature is they are providing a separate venture for iStore devices.

Supply Wagon

You may wonder that, “How could i fix my electronics without having any parts and tools for them at near by market ?” The first and foremost feature iFixit suggests is the Parts & Tools section. In this section you can find some rare parts and tools which you could only find in some authorized service stations and stores. They are available at some nominal rates and simple prices with a fixing manual for free.

Manuals and Guides

Even though you got the tools and parts for your product you must be hardly in need of the steps and manual to fix the electronics. iFixit carries a separate section for providing manuals which are on unique divisions and methods for every single model available on global market. The manuals are ranging from a iPod repair to a vehicle repair in a simple way. It also includes iPhone, iPad, Mac, Gaming consoles, Camera’s, PC’s, and other household electronics devices.


Before finalizing the problem with your electronics you can also write down the actual issue on the separate forum for it. Here you can get a clear support from the experts and once you can go for the tools and manuals from the other sections. Troubleshooting phase will make your product recover by 30% and the remaining ends will be done by you  yourself in fixing the product by the step by step notes and photos in assistance to you.


Are you an expert in electronics ? You could bring up some simple solutions for hardware issues ? are you interested in sharing your views and support to the world ? then iFixit is the right place in receiving the notes of yours for every specific models. You can give a support manual for the users in iFixit and be a part of their mission to Fix the World. The major motive of the admins were to give the world a better future. They were on the mission not to waste the electronics by dumping them as landfills but to use the longer time. iFixit is the part of it which helps you to run your electronics by repairing or even recycling by your own.

This is a sample video from iFixit on which they are about to say How to upgrade or replace MacBook Air’s Hard drive.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnV7mHS7Qi8&feature=relmfu[/youtube]

iFixit Youtube Channel

ifixit youtube

You may subscribe to iFixit Youtube Channel to get more interesting fixes and troubleshooting video guides from the team.

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