Kaspersky Internet Security blocks images in the blog

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logooYesterday night i enabled the Banner Ad Blocker in Kaspersky Internet Security. Today morning i found many of the linked images were not displaying as usual. First, i thought its a problem with the upgrade i made yesterday in wordpress to the latest version 2.8.1 . Thought to look at the similar issues in wordpress.org support forum, and surprised no topic related to that. Decided it must be the problem with my end. So asked few of my friends to view the site and check the images.  Even the site works well in web proxy. Found positive results with some of them. Next, i checked the image directories permissions (Chmod) and found no problem with it.

Finally i figured out that the Type of the image i get, when i right click and viewed properties, in an image block not displayed, and it shows GIF. So i suspected the Kaspersky and disabled the Banner Ad Blocker service. That brought the images back alive. 🙂

The address that contains img, images, and some possible banner related strings are blocked by Kaspersky it seems. If you face similar issues then try disabling kaspersky’s banner ad blocker. Happy Blogging !

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  1. an individual writing, It is precisely what I wanted in msn. It much rather pick up views via somebody, as opposed to a corporate and business web site, which is exactly why I love weblogs so much. Thanks!

  2. Banner blocker is good for me too since there are too many useless ads that can significantly slow down my internet surfing experience. I use it most often.

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