TotalFinder Review, Best and Must have Finder App for OS X

TotalFinder will bring new features to your existing Finder in Mac OS X. Once you explored and features of Total Finder App on your Mac OS X, you will never go back to your old and default finder. Specially for Windows users who want the “Cut” feature on Mac, can now get it easily with TotalFinder. Not just that, Total Finder is one must have application that can bring tons of other features to make the OS X even better with essential features that everyone wanted. Clutter Free multiple folder opening and accessing will be much easier now. File moving and copying tasks are about to get totally easier and ultimately cool with Total Finder App.


You can compare and move files quickly with its Dual window mode. No more duplicate files left in the process of copying from one folder to the other. Total Finder Preferences tab allows you to customize this app to make the finder even better than what you get by default in your Macbook or iMac. Now you can keep the folders in top to organizes the files and folders better in finder.

TotalFinder Review

Total Finder is one small app that can modify and add some cool new essential features to your existing Finder in Mac OS X. I also tried a simple video demonstration to show the features of Total Finder App.


Cut and Paste

Now you can use Keyboard shortcuts to cut and paste any files or folders on your mac. Move files without any duplicate files and waste of storage problems. This will help you to do the file handling faster than ever before.

Tabbed Browsing

Now you can add Tabs into Finder windows that looks so similar to Google Chrome web browser. This can help you to copy or move files between different folders easily. Dual Window mode in TotalFinder app allows you to access the finder from any application. You can compare and move files quickly with this wonderful feature. This can eliminate duplicate files problem left in the copy process.

Folders on Top

When you view a drive or a directory, folders should be on top which can let you navigate and organize the files better. Once you installed TotalFinder App on Mac, it automatically displays folders on top without any additional modification. Perfect for List view mode to navigate and access the files and folders.

Show System Files

No need to install additional app or access command line tool to view the system files anymore. Total Finder brings that feature built in, and you can access all the system files and hidden files if needed. Usually system files are hidden for security purposes, where accidental deletion may affect the performance of your Mac and other Apps.

TotalFinder Visor

Its a shortcut to Finder from any app to make your copy, move task absolutely easy.

TotalFinder App for Mac OS X is one must have utility and you should have understood that by now. Wait no more, buy total finder for just 18$ and this software is very well compatible on Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. Worth for the money, this utility will make you to never return to the old finder once you have used all these features it offers. We did listed some best and productivity mac apps in our blog before, you can use the search feature at the top right corner to find more interesting mac apps.


Download TotalFinder App

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