Airtime, One Click Video Chat App for Facebook

Airtime, the new startup shows how easy it is to connect with your friends through voice and video also to find new friends based on your Interests and Location. No doubt, that this one click video chat web app that uses Facebook Credentials will become another great hit in the history of startup. Not sure whether facebook will initiate a talk with the team about acquiring but this must be. Airtime is far better than default Facebook video calling service which uses Skype to connect with your Facebook friends.

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I still have a feel like Facebook launched that video chat service in a hurry without focusing on the quality. I got errors maximum time when i try to connect with my friends via Facebook video calling service. I Liked Airtime when i used it for the first time, and i am sure every one will like it after their first visit to Airtime.

About Airtime

This amazing web app developed by two masterminds (Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning) who met online and became friends 15 years ago. Airtime Media Inc., based on San Francisco and using the latest video technology to let people make more friends. The catch is, connecting you automatically with people who have same Interests and near by location which gives more possibilities to find people and reduce disappointments when you like to schedule a meet with them at cafe or restaurant.

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You can airtime with your existing facebook friends by selecting the name of your friend from the list in the sidebar. Browse through the interest and search from thousands of your Facebook friends by selecting specific interest as well. An easy to understand FAQ also available to read on their website which can help you to trouble shoot if you face any problem in connecting to airtime with your friends.

No Download | No Signup | No Waiting Time

Video chatting is just a click away with Airtime and you just need to have a Flash Plugin installed on your web browser. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, you can begin the chat in less than a minute.

Currently they dont provide web conference support and we may expect such feature in future to do Group video calling like we do in Google+ Hangout. This will be really effective in this fastest video chat service.

No Airtime Invite

This ultimate service is not just Free to use, also not restricted with Invite based access. This really gives any one a chance to explore what is Airtime all about and become a fan of it. We can soon expect Airtime Android App, Airtime iPhone and iPad App in coming weeks.

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  1. I’ve been using Airtime for a while now, the only disappointing thing for me was that the footage showed in the commercial looks lovely and cinematic. My 5 year old iMac iSight camera kind of ruins that aesthetic. Time for a new webcam methinks.

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