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Having people become your fan on Facebook Page is good, but can be meaningless. Running a most engaged facebook page is possible when you follow certain tips that we are going to share with you. If people never see your updates or interact with you, the “like” doesn’t really count for much. Another worse scenario is buying facebook fans, where you get thousands of inactive facebook page likes and you will see zero interaction from those users. So don’t fall for such useless methods and always try something genuine and that works. Don’t believe in Texts written on some websites blindly. Do spend time to see how far their advertisement is true and working for others.

So how can you make your posts engaging and more likely to be seen ?

Engaged Facebook Page

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More importantly, how can you put updates that will make people want to come back and see what else you are doing in your website or facebook page ? Here are some tips that works for most engaged facebook pages.

Make Your Updates Varied

There are lots of different things you can post, and not everyone will find the same things interesting. If you stick with just one type of post, you can bore your fans and maybe even drive them away. Obviously some brands will really benefit from one type of update (visual pages like food, fashion, sports for example) but you can also post:

  • Questions and polls
  • Videos
  • Simple text updates (quotations are great for this)

One thing that doesn’t work so well is links to other websites, as this means people have to leave Facebook to see what its about, then come back to like/comment on it – this isn’t to say you should never do it, but just keep that in mind.

Don’t make your updates too long or frequent

The newsfeed is a very crowded place, so a large block of text is not going to be read by many. You can have more freedom than with Twitter, of course, but try to be punchy. Use short and evocative copy.

The same applies to how often you post, you should space them out and not do more than one or two a day – if you cluster them all at once people will again just skim over or ignore your posts.

Encourage Engagement

It is cheesy to outright ask fans to “like” your updates, you shouldn’t have to do that! You can definitely encourage commenting though, and you can be indirect. Just ask for an opinion or thought, or leave a blank space in your update and ask your fans to fill it in it is simple but effective.

Final Tips

Keep your posts varied and see which ones are the most engaging, it really comes down to your own fanbase’s tastes and learning what they find appealing.

Finally, remember that with Timeline for pages you can now highlight or “pin” images that stretch across the whole width of the page, so if you have some great visual content to post, show it off ! Hope the tips i shared to run a engaged facebook page will help you. Thanks for reading and do share this post with your friends.

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