Facebook Timeline for Pages Live Now in Preview Mode

Facebook has rolled out Facebook Timeline for Profiles and here we got the Facebook Timeline for Pages which overall changes the look and layout to the famous Timeline Design. Many still leave a comment saying “i hate timeline” “how to remove facebook timeline” “how to delete facebook timeline” in one of our article, saying “Facebook Timeline forced to all user accounts“. Now this move is really great for Facebook page owners and people who love timeline a lot. But for people who dont like facebook timeline, should stay away from activating the preview mode.

facebook timeline pages

Facebook Timeline for Pages

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_On-B7tjTo[/youtube]

This can help them to get rid off the timeline feature atleast till they set timeline as Default view for pages. Facebook Timeline for Pages will be forced to all pages by March 30, 2012.

Facebook timeline for profiles can be deactivated using some browser scripts and that too a solution that works only on your web browsers. Refer the following tutorials.

In last week Facebook has brought changes to Facebook Groups and this time the pages got an upgrade to the Timeline which has an easy navigation to all the status updates that the page or profile has made so far. The Admin panel now got more space to display the insights and options to manage your facebook page very well.

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