Say Hello to Facebook Alternative, Diaspora

Diaspora, the project started by team of students which is considered as Facebook alternative to sort out all the privacy related issues is here. The Diaspora Team has released their initial source code in September, to let the world give a try to see how the facebook alternative will resemble. Diaspora has moved from Pre-Alpha stage to Alpha stage and now Invite based signup is allowed. You have to make a request for an diaspora invite by entering your email address.

Request Diaspora Invite

The logo is pretty simple with the description as its motive to experience the privacy ensured social networking. “Share what you want, with whom you want.” Once its become famous, diaspora may face privacy issues, banning in several countries and so on. In maximum case, the govt wont let the user data shared to be kept totally secret. Without sniffing the data that travels in and out of the country may award banning as the final solution by the govt.

How to Install Diaspora ?

As you know Diaspora is hosted in Github, now you can download and experiment the alpha stage Diaspora in your own web server. The complete guide to install and experience the diaspora link is added.

The Diaspora Team do have an Diaspora IRC Channel (#diaspora) to support you during Installation when you end up in Errors or any Trouble.

We are in the process of experimenting the alpha version and soon will come up with a little more detailed review about it. Dont forget to add your short review in our comment once you have experimented it. Thanks for reading.

About the Author: Robin C

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  1. Folkdirect, is making waves in the social networking ocean too – I’ve been on there for 6months after defecting from Facebook finally. All my friends are there too. EVerything is hosted in-house so no third-parties get your info nor are any companies able to set-up apps to scam you. It’s a safe place to hang out.

  2. Hello,

    Diaspora looks like a great alternative to Facebook. Also, Mark Zuckerberg’s idea – Facebook will still be the best social network in the World for a considerable amount of time. Let’s face it.. Mark Zuckerberg is filthy rich, he cannot fall down with his kind of money, he can invest and reinvest daily in Facebook’s development and it’s kind of hard to compete over someone like Mark Zuckerberg, he is famous and rich and has innovative ideas – that’s just a mortal combination. Competitors will be a lot, but ones who will be better than M.Z., rarely. Although, thank you very much for sharing this article, I will try out Diaspora too, maybe it will turn out to be the next best social network.

    Best regards,


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