HOW TO: Install Facebook Home on any Android Mobile ?

Now you can install and run facebook home on any android mobile phone by following this simple how to guide. Facebook home is now officially available in Google Play Store for selected android mobile devices, which really disappoints millions of other android users not listed to install facebook home in their phone. Facebook home for android launched officially by facebook last week with Chatheads and other interesting features to decorate your android home screen.


If you use Facebook on your android mobile all the time, then Facebook home is specially for users like you. It brings up the recent notifications, pictures shared by your friends and chats to the home screen in a beautiful way. You can swipe your screen to read more new stories shared by your Facebook friends, and Chat Heads are really amazing way to stay connected with your friends in Chats, even when you access different apps that you have on your Android phone. Facebook Home is a good innovation without any doubt, but currently limited to Android OS only.

In a recent press meet, facebook also confirmed, that facebook home feature will not be available for other platforms sooner. Facebook app for iPhone is getting an update today (17th April 2013) with chat heads feature with limited functionality. Yes, it will work only inside Facebook App on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Install Facebook Home on Any Android Mobile ?

Here is a simple guide to install facebook home on any android mobile. The performance and experience may vary depending on the handset you are using. Facebook has released facebook home for selective android models only. It is yet to be made available widely for all android phones. This trick originally found by MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien. He have patched facebook home version for both messenger and facebook app version.

Before following the steps below, make sure you have enabled “Install Applications from Unknown Sources” under “Settings” in your Android smartphone. Then follow the steps to get it.

For Officially Supported Android Device

Step 1: Download and Install Facebook Home .apk file from modaco website.

(make sure you have installed Facebook App and Messenger App on your Android mobile already)

Step 2: Download ROMraid to install facebook home.

Step 3: Activate facebook home in the Facebook Application “Settings” Menu.

For unsupported Android Device

Step 1: Uninstall Facebook and Messenger app from your android mobile.

Step 2: Install Patched version of “Facebook” and “Messenger” apk from modaco website .(locate steps for unsupported device in the thread)

Step 3: Sign In to Facebook app with your facebook login details.

Step 4: Access Facebook Application Settings and enable “Facebook Home” option.

Congratulations ! You’ve got Facebook home on your Android mobile now. Start exploring now and you can disable facebook home anytime if you dont like it or want the old android home screen back.

How to Disable Facebook Home ?

Disabling is very simple, just access your Facebook app settings and uncheck “facebook home” option from the menu. You will get your Android home screen back on your phone with all your widgets and apps.

Facebook Messenger with Chat Heads

Facebook has also updated facebook messenger for android with chat heads feature and you can download it today from Google Play Store.

HTC Facebook Phone

HTC First is finally the facebook phone that brings the full features and functionality of Facebook Home to an Android powered HTC phone.


HTC First Pre Orders are currently open now via AT&T and soon to hit UK and France this summer. HTC First is a complete facebook phone with the latest Facebook home feature enabled. You can also Turn off facebook home anytime if you want to use the stock android jelly bean installed in the phone, which also a good decision by HTC.

HTC First and Future Updates

Facebook has promised that HTC First, the facebook phone will receive future updates regularly to make it feature rich for its users. Currently HTC first is priced at 499$ without contract and 99$ with contract in AT&T. The phone also has an impressive hardware configuration.

Processor: Qualcomm® 8930AA, dual core 1.4 GHz

OS: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Memory: 16 GB Internal Storage / 1 GB DDR2 RAM

Battery: 2000mAh

Screen Size: 4.3 Inch


Rear: 5 MP, 1080p Full HD Video Recording

Front: 1.6 MP BSI Camera

Will you buy a Facebook Home powered HTC First android phone ? Whats your view about this all new facebook home service ? Share your views in the comment box below and you may share this post with your friends and followers across social networks, if you find it useful. Have a wonderful day.

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