HOW TO: Manage your Facebook Account [Part 1]

Social media in my view it terms to be a typical platform which brought in together a wide majority of people so that they may share their views in a pubic venture. Here Public manner is the only bigger credit as well as the pitfall of this platform. It draws your work much easier to share as well as pretty cautious in sharing too. I would like to extend my views very accurate on facebook. The section is going to carry the measures on have to concentrate on what they are performing inside facebook.

Facebook is a medium to share with the society which is again the entire world in front of our retinal point. In this way one have to understand what he perform on the medium which the entire world gonna have an eye. “Knowing a work is the most important before learning the work” so that facebook unplugged starts here.

Facebook Privacy Settings

This is the place where you can customize your profile,

facebook privacy settings 1
Facebook Privacy Settings

Here i have few questions to raise which will help your to understand “Privacy Settings” in Facebook better.

  1. Who can do what?
  2. Who can see what?
  3. Who can access your profile details?
  4. Who can share texts, images and links with you?
  5. Who can tag you? and so on.
facebook privacy settings 2
Facebook Privacy settings menu

Facebook Recommended Settings

As considering globally, facebook recommends things you share in an easy way. Facebook recommended settings gives you a semi-privacy mode to protect your info and profile data viewed public and people whom you dont know. You may use this feature only if you are not sure and kind of lazy to configure your facebook privacy settings manually.

Your status, photos and posts, Bio and favorite quotations, Family and Relationships, Photos and videos you’re tagged in, Religious and political views, Birthday, Permission to comment on your posts, Places you check in, Contact information.

facebook privacy settings 3
Privacy connection on facebook

So you can personally customize this as sharing with Everyone, Friend of Friends, Friends only or just follow Recommended by fecabook team.

facebook privacy settings 4
sharing on facebook

Customize Settings on Facebook

On a detailed sketch one can edit the settings for what they share, what others share, and their contact information.

-> Things i Share

facebook privacy settings 5
Things i share on Facebook

Just change settings in the above window you can customize things you share with others in Facebook.

-> Things Others share

facebook privacy settings 6
Things others share in Facebook

You can control things others want to share with you, like those who write on your wall, tag you on their photo, videos etc.. can be easy done with this window.

-> Contact Information

facebook privacy settings 7
my contact information

Facebook Apps and Websites

This section is used to control the Facebook apps and websites you are linked directly and indirectly through Facebook. This is yet another way for spreading spams if left unnoticed. Make sure you are using only

Facebook apps and websites 1
apps and web

On entering the edit the settings one can customize things that apps and other websites do access on our personal details without permission.

Facebook apps and websites 2
Apps and websites customizing

Facebook Block Lists

Facebook apps and websites 3
Block lists

If we found any inappropriate user who’s spamming our wall and making some abuse comments we can block them from our profile. By this action they cant view any of our information by any means.

Facebook apps and websites 4
Block lists customizing

Thats all you have to do on the privacy settings on behalf of customizing it based on your needs. Meet you with my next article very soon.

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