Postpost to view Facebook Status Update as Newspaper

Nytimes is my favourite news website all the time. The excellent readability and perfect news magazine design makes the site a favourite one. Alright, so here is an excellent tool for you to display your facebook wall updates like a newspaper layout design. Postpost, a recently launched service allows you to read your facebook wall updates as said.

No Registrations or wait for invitation. Just visit Postpost and login using FConnect to get your fresh looking newspaper style of facebook wall updates. I am sure you will like it, if you really love the magazine style websites. Here i have added a video demonstration about postpost.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

[Video Credit: Postpost]

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  1. I am excited on this facebook that will look like newspaper in every update that we make 🙂 I will try Postpost and visit it today 🙂 Excited 🙂

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