android rooting

Pros and Cons of Android Jailbreak or Rooting Android

To android jailbreak or Root Android, in simple words, is a technique to unlock your android phone, which will allow you to conquer the long list of limitations that the manufacturer of the phone imposes on it. The main reason of putting these limitations by…

winamp for mac

Winamp Sync Released for Mac OS X

Winamp has released winamp sync for Mac OS X platform couple of days ago. One of the top downloaded music player software for windows platform expected to be available for Mac OS platform since 2001. Winamp Sync lets you sync your Android mobile with Mac…


HOW TO: Change Primary Email of Android Without Factory Reset

Android mobile primary email id can be changed easily without any factory reset to your smartphone, which may loose some of your data, contacts stored on your mobile. Everyone has a problem in changing their default gmail id on android mobile. This Gmail id is…


HOW TO: Install APK Files on Android Phone

We might have came across different types of file extensions in our computers. In windows executable files have .exe extension. Similarly, for our android phones .apk files are the executable files. Either you can download the file using mobile browser or you can transfer from…

HOW TO: Record All Your Android Mobile Activity ?

Friday is one of the best android app for recording all the activities in your android phone. It stores the complete information about your calls, gallery, messages, the location you went and everything. One of the unique feature of friday is it can answer the…

SMS Backup+

HOW TO: Save Android SMS Automatically To Gmail

Previously I wrote about taking entire backup of your android phone. Now I’m here with an another interesting topic to backup the sms to gmail automatically from your android phone. When your phone doesn’t have enough memory to store messages you can follow this tutorial…


HOW TO: Create Android App Free For Blog or Website

Android is one of the fast growing mobile platform in the existing ones. It is because of the interactive user interface and applications available for android. Officially more than one million apps are available for android and each one of them have a unique functionality….