Pros and Cons of Android Jailbreak or Rooting Android

To android jailbreak or Root Android, in simple words, is a technique to unlock your android phone, which will allow you to conquer the long list of limitations that the manufacturer of the phone imposes on it.

The main reason of putting these limitations by manufacturers of android phones is to prevent you to make any changes to system, which can make it unusable. Rooting, on the other hand allows you to get a complete control on your device thus extending its functionality as well as giving the user an option to use a customer version for Android.

android rooting

If you are a brave user with a brave heart, you should go for rooting.

Pros of Android Rooting:

  • Jail-breaking or rooting is really important from the point of view of getting the android phone free from the mobile service provider. It basically frees the android phone from the restrictions enforced by the android operating system.
  • It allows installing any advanced version or new version of the OS.
  • Jail-breaking also helps if you want to uninstall the applications for stock, which are mostly useless and are put by the manufacturer on the phone.
  • If you want to take screenshots of your android phone then rooting is the way to go. Generally on iPhone it is very easy to take screenshots however it’s not the case with android phone that require rooting for this task.

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  • Now the most important, rooting will allow you to take backups of your phone’s data in an SD card.
  • Managing files and system becomes easy with third-party android root apps (you can link to some root apps)
  • It also allows the use of systems, which are custom operating & render the android phone to be more useful.
  • You can also make your android phone perform faster than what the manufacturer handed it over to you, just by rooting as it over clocks the kernels of the phone.
  • Lastly, rooting will help you personalize your phone to a high extent. You can put wallpapers, cool themes, widgets and much more.
  • There are useful scripts available to improve the functionality of your device which can only be installed after rooting.

Cons of Android Rooting:

  • The biggest problem with jail-breaking or rooting is that it can void the warranty of the phone, which seems to be a big issue if your device is under warranty.
  • If rooting is not done in a proper way, it can actually make the phone behave in an abnormal fashion.
  • Though after jail-breaking you can download the latest versions of OS, however the phone will no longer receive any updates on OS through OTA. So this means that you will be completely on your own.
  • No doubt that rooting will make the phone perform faster but the disadvantage is that it can overheat the phone to a great extent.
  • Overclocking often lead to unstable behavior and hence it is not advised to overclock the device if you do not know what you’re doing.
  • And finally, you will keep spending more and more time with the phone as rooting asks for constant updates.

The question to think is does the Pros of android jailbreak outweigh the cons or is it vice versa ?. I think the Pros are definitely higher than the Cons and thus it is worth doing, however, extra measures should be taken before going rooting way. By rooting your android you can get a complete control of the phone but you’ve to act smart.

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