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SOCL, Microsoft to Launch a Social Networking Website [Coming Soon]

Social Network by Microsoft. The news started to leak before six months and still there is no sign of alpha release or any news from microsoft. According to “The Verge” microsoft’s next big project is going to be SOCL, a complete social networking website that is a mix up of Google+ and Facebook. Microsoft has maximum of services that Google has. As Google intergrated some of its existing features with the new social site Google+, microsoft possibly ready to do the same task with SOCL.

microsoft soclTulalip, was the name choice at first by microsoft used for research purpose and they officially leaked the name socl recently.

SOCL Features Noted So Far ?

As said, the SOCL is the mix up of Google+ and Facebook shows the leaked pictures contains features like Tagging, Similar Design and Layout, Social Search (YELP by Microsoft), and Video Party (Google Hangout).

Microsoft is targeting social networking audience with little changes in its approach. No doubt that the launch will be bigger though its late. Still i am doubted how many will become a regular user for this new project by microsoft and ready to give their personal details to let another giant harvest it for advertising and various other reasons.

SOCL Invitation

SOCL will be released as an invite based access initially for public beta testing before the final launch which is expected to happen next year.

Are you ready to meet the next social networking website by a software giant ? Please do write your views in the comment below.

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