Download WindowsAndroid by Socketeq to Run ICS on Windows PC

Run Android ICS on Windows 7 PC without any hangs or app compatibility issues. WindowsAndroid is a new software developed by Socketeq that allows any Windows 7 user to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 (they are working on an update to let us run Jelly Bean and expected to be released soon), with Windows Kernel.

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The default android simulator method and Bluestacks method to run android os on Windows have some app compatibility issues sometimes and many face different issues while installing it on a PC. The new chinese startup company socketeq have developed “WindowsAndroid” software that is very easy to install and lets anyone to run latest android os on windows.

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Credit: AndroidCentral

Without compromising the capabilities of Android ICS 4.0 now you can run it on Windows PC including all the Android Apps and Games from Google Play. The above video sample shows how easy it is to install and run android apps on windows without following any complex steps or procedures.

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WindowsAndroid Features

The main goal of WindowsAndroid software by Socketeq is to provide a full porting of Android on Windows 7, without loosing the User Interface to Dalvik Virtual machine. Also the high performance kept in mind by the developers, where it uses the Windows Kernel to not compromise on Graphics and Hardware acceleration and Media codecs.

  • supports upto Android ICS 4.0.3r1 (new upcoming version will support Jelly Bean).
  • this software will run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (yet to be tested).
  • to be so exact when it comes to user experience with android on mobile devices or tablets.
  • well integrated Windows Applications such as Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player and much more.
  • to support any UI resolution such as high resolution like 1920 x 1080.
  • to support Windowing mode or Full screen mode, Window Scaling in Windowing mode and switching between windowing mode and full screen mode easily.
  • to support IO devices connected to the computer, such as Keyboard, Mouse and Storage Drives.
  • to support Ethernet and PPPoE.

We can see the developers team have focused well on bringing this possible by launching the Socketeq WindowsAndroid software download in their official website. You can download WindowsAndroid right away to start exploring the awesomeness of android.

How to Install Android ICS on Windows 7 ?

We do have an article that shows, how to install android os on pc where we have used Universal Netboot Installer to install it on Windows computer. Which required few steps to be followed in order to complete the installation and start using Android on Windows. Still many have commented that installing apps from Android market or Google Play was giving them error and so on. When you try WindowsAndroid software that we like to recommend here today, you will not find any such errors and you can run Android ICS 4.0 without any errors or trouble.

  • Install and Run Android Apps
  • Install and Play Android Games (including 3D Games)

WindowsAndroid software almost brings full capabilities of Android on Windows 7 computer. Especially Android ICS 4.0 which is currently supported by WindowsAndroid Software.

Step 1: Download and Install WindowsAndroid from Socketeq website or from Mirror links provided in AndroidFileHost.

File Size: 64 MB

Step 2: Install and Run the software.

Thats it, explore the android ics features and start installing your favorite apps and games 🙂 It is really that easy to get your favorite android os on windows when you use WindowsAndroid application.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Note: i tried installing it with Windows 8 using Parallels on my Mac, and the app was continuously crashing after booting the ICS window. Till that it was running fine, so give this a try in your Windows Vista, 7 or 8 installed desktop or laptop and share your comments below.

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