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The World Wide Web has opened new corners of the world to millions of users around the world. The Internet provides us with connections to other through social media, news and information, and games to keep us entertained. All that good comes with a price though as there are those individuals out there who seek to take advantage of the wide reach of the internet to scam, steal, and otherwise deceive millions.

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Viruses, Malware, and spam are just a few of the nasty tools floating around the internet that help people steal from others. Without proper protection your beloved PC or Laptop is an open window for thieves to break into your life and wreak havoc. There are tools out there for everyone to help combat these evil deeds and keep computers secure.

While many companies would have you believe that paid subscription services are the best at protecting against viruses and malware, the fact is that there are plenty of free software programs that offer an equal level of protection. Numerous programs exist that promise to offer protection for your computer, but not all free programs are equal.

The following is a list of free malware programs capable of protecting your computer. Generally speaking, these programs fall into two categories. One set of free programs can clean up your system after it has been infect. The other set of programs can provide preventative protection as well as clean up capabilities.

Clean Up Only Tools

Software programs in this category do exactly what their name implies, clean up your system. These programs are designed to be used when your system has a pesky malware program that just refuses to go away. Some are designed to go after very specific malware threats, while others have a broader reach. Regardless of their scope, the abilities of these programs are all limited to cleaning up current problems, not preventing future ones.

The following tools fall into this category and are free to download:

SmitRem: This software is designed specifically to attack viruses from the SmitFraud family of spyware. The program usually leads to the Blue Screen of Death, but the worst case scenario sees your private data and search information spied upon and stolen.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Designed to go after the Omega family of Trojans, Malware bytes has a solid reputation for providing speedy scans and speedy removal. The program offers an easy-to-use interface and the ability to delete pesky locked files that can damage your computer.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials: Another highly rated malware removal program, Comodo is particularly gifted when it comes to removing rootkits. Rootkits are the most persistent threat facing many users and Comodo had a 91% success rate in detecting vicious malware, more than holding its own against expensive software programs.

Full PC Protection

There are software programs available for a free download that go beyond simple removal of malicious software on your computer. Full protection programs can remove malicious software already on your computer and set up an umbrella to protect your computer from other known threats as you surf the web. The following are some of the best full protection programs:

Spyware Terminator: A great place to start in protecting your computer, Spyware Terminator can search for and destroy many of the nasty programs covered by the clean up only tools mentioned above. In addition, it erects a defensive umbrella against the return of those threats and other well-known “bad boys.”

Avira Free Antivirus 2012: Capable of working double-duty, Avira will sweep your computer clean and erect a defense against future attacks. Avira has proven capable of detecting around 88% of known malware threats.

AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012: Much like Avira, AVG scored well at detecting known malware threats. It performed particularly well when it came to detecting Rootkit programs.

Spybot Search & Destroy: One of the best free programs available, this veteran of the antivirus game earns high marks for detection and removal of malware. An extensive library of known threats powers this program which can also erect a solid defense against a constant barrage of threats. Most impressive is Spybot’s tool that allows malicious packages to be passed to a Secure Shredder, leaving no digital trace upon removal.

No matter what level of detection you are seeking for your computer, there is a free tool out there that can perform the task for you. Clean up only tools are plentiful and efficient, but heavy internet users might consider one of the full protection programs to clean their system and keep it clean while surfing the web.

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