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Very recent and at the same time very viral information on the tinsel town is all about Windows 8 beta version and a free developer preview download. It is initially shocking to the public to get a developer preview from Microsoft as a free download. Hope we all know Microsoft and windows as the leading edge of Proprietary software. What will be the next move possibly happen from Microsoft. Still a unfold mystery it is. But there is a scoop on this place which revealed that Windows 8 will be carrying 300+ features inside it competing Mac with 200+ features. This post is all about throwing some light on 300+ features of Windows 8.

windows 8

It is a must go for updation from Microsoft as their brand name is seeping out of the circle in recent days. May be due to the poor performance on Windows 7 or some serious bugs on the debugger itself. But this time they are out with a better release which would surely support the users in long stand.

The list flows as,

  • Malware Scan
  • All day Battery
  • OEM Activation
  • Apps are certified
  • Windows Adapts to your Location
  • Lock Screen And Notification
  • Gestures Manipulation
  • Performance Recorder
  • Video Player
  • Animations
  • Network Connectivity Assistance
  • Commerce Engine
  • Improved Text Prediction
  • Picture Password
  • Application Context Menus
  • Video Playback Assistance

and lot more which you can check it out on this place. (300+ Windows 8 features) Having all these features Microsoft have planned to redeem its pride once again among the computer users community. Well it is common that people will urge for some new things in market initially but as time passes the actual stand of the product will be analyzed based on assistance, performance and more over promising feature function. Lets wait and watch what is the outcome and impact windows 8 going to make among the public in mere future.

via [Winrumours]

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