HOW TO: Enable New Twitter Design ?

Here is  a simple step to activate and enable the new twitter design. We have tried this technique and found the twitter new design got activated for our account. So give a shot to these simple steps and get the all new experience of twitter new design.

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How to Activate and Enable New Twitter Design ?

Step 1: Install or Update the Twitter App on your iOS Device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad).
Step 2: Visit the Twitter website on your computer and login to your Twitter account.

It usually takes some minutes to get the new design enabled to your account. Between, we havent tried this on Android, hence please do let us know if the same way works on when you do it from your Android Smartphone.

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  • Raza Rahil Hussain

    Not working for me :( using Twitter for Android from last 1hour still they didn’t enable new design on my account.

    • Suresh peters

      even me also trying to get new design :(

      • Robin

        @sureshpeters:disqus  you have installed it on your iPad ? or updated it ?

  • Saket Jajodia

    Whats about PCs??  :(

    • Robin

      May be you have to wait for some more time saket.

      • Saket Jajodia


  • Mrck

    updated iPhone 4 twitter app, no new twitter… updated iPad app, still no twitter…been logging in and out already… must be regional I’m from asia.

    • Robin

      Thats not a problem mark. After updating i was waiting for 3 to 4 minutes and the new twitter design came without logging out the twitter id. The same worked for some of my friends. So give a try.


  • Jeet Dholakia

    What about android?

    • Robin

      Ref: @YouthKiAwaaz:disqus  it works when you do the same steps from android as well jeet. Give a shot.

  • YouthKiAwaaz

    Yes it works similarly on Android.

    • Robin

      Thanks for the experiment bro. Cheers.


  • Robin

    Yup.. its looking great compare to the previous old boring design :) Thanks for dropping by. Cheers.


  • Robin

    The Twitter Design Team thought is now accomplished it seems. As they expect the 7 billion existing users should feel great about the new UI also the new users should stay for more time.. Lets see the statistics after a month. 


  • Anonymous


    New design is awesome i like it.

  • Guest

    I´ve downladed Twitter for Android and did all the necessary steps, but I still don´t have the new web Twitter. What to do now?

  • Guest

    I´ve downloaded Twitter for Android and did all the necessary steps, but still no new Twitter. What to do?

    • Robert Iagar

      The same thing here…

    • Erik Kokkonen

      Same for me – updated on my android, but no change to the web experience :/

  • نسيم الفجر

    Too bad for normal “poor” users :/

  • Ujjwal Kumar

    Not everyone owns an Android or and iShit device :/

  • Anonymous

    I probably have to wait till next year. I don’t have an iOS so I’m doomed. #Twitterdiscrimination

  • Lord Blizzard

    But how to activate it without installing a “mobile app”? I don’t have any Android or iOS device.

  • Guest

    eventhough i’ve log in a thousand times, i am still not encountering the new twitter account. how bout that?