iPad 2 vs iPad 3, Which Apple iPad I Should Buy ?

iPad, one of the most tweeted, facebook shared term of March 7, 2012 without any doubt brought us some decent upgrade to make it unique and stand in the market as a tough competitor against many tablets for this year. After apple brought iPad to this world, people started to trying out a tablet to read emails, surf the web and play games. Apple iPad has changed the way in business very well by introducing various apps and showing the possibilities how it can be used in Hospitals, Hotels, Universities and Corporates. The target is simple, more productivity and time saving. The New iPad also called as iPad 3rd Generation in apple stores, started to sell great as like its previous generations.

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You may be confused, to choose your iPad if this is going to be your first tablet. To make it simple, i will list out some points that can help you to figure out which tablet you can go for to experience the Apple iPad.

The New Revolutionary iPad has got some good hardware changes and as like iPhone 4S, there is no design change. People were expecting a mini iPad or iPad mini during the event but there is no big surprise at all. Still, the first time tablet owners will have a great treat by choosing iPad as their choice, because they get all the power loaded hardware’s at old iPad 2 Price. The new iPad 2 got 100 USD less for each model to let the stocks.

iPad 2 vs iPad 3

As we have different needs when it comes to computers, it is essential to find the correct one to call it great and experience the same when we use it. iPad 2 has great display and specification. If you are looking for a tablet at 399$ then iPad 2 is here to give a great tablet experience as your first tablet computer.

ipad2 new price

iPad 2 – A5 CPU and 512 MB RAM, Apple iPad 2 has a screen that gives 1024 x 768 px resolution at 132 pixels per inch. Upto 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video or listening to music up to 9 hours of surfing the web using cellular data network. You can enjoy watching full length movies

iPad 3 – A5X Dual Core CPU with Quad Core Graphic Chip and 1 GB RAM and that is enough to become the King of Tablet. It also has 2048 x 1536 px screen resolution with Retina Display (which we have seen in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S). iSight Camera in iPad 3 brings Macbook and iMac camera to iPad, and iPhone 4S got that too. 4G LTE adds more value to this version. This also adds more battery duration to never let any of its competitors to stand closer.

iPad 2 vs iPad 3

ipad2 vs ipad3

With this simple and quick comparison i like to mention, that if you are looking for a new apple iPad at best price and budgeted one, then look no further go for iPad 2. It has everything that one need to experience apple iPad at its best. Front and Rear camera for Video calling, taking pictures. Good Screen to watch movies, surf the web and use various iPad Apps.

If you like to buy one of the BEST Ever Tablet created by Apple, then go for iPad 3rd Generation, that has Dual Core processor, 1 GB RAM and Quad Core Graphic Chipset to play games and access Apps faster and better. Another important reason to choose iPad 3, is for its Retina Display. If you have Experienced Retina Display in Apple iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch (latest generation) then you can see Retina Display huge in size with amazing Picture quality from the moment you turn on your iPad 3.

That really makes this one so special compare with any of its previous generation devices. At 100 USD difference you can own an iPad with an amazing hardware specification to meet all your needs and trust me, the display is something special with this new iPad.

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