iPhone 15 Design Leaks, Camera and Touch ID in 2024 iPhone?

Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models just came out, and the rumour mill has started to spin about next year’s iPhone 15 Leaks. Remember iPhone 5C? It was all about colours with the iPhone 5C model. iPhone 15 Design will look like iPhone 5C on the rear side with a curved design. Apple did surprise us with Dynamic Island with iPhone 14 Pro models.

iPhone 15 Design Leaks Price Camera Release date

All I am hoping for next year’s iPhone 15 model is to see Dynamic Island coming to the non-Pro models as well. Also Read, AI Apps to Create Art in iPhone and iPad | Best Art Generator Apps

I wouldn’t say I like the flat edges in recent iPhone models because it is hard to hold, and for some people, it does feel like it could cut their palms and fingers. Not a fan of Sharp edges, though. I would love to see those curved designs coming back once again.

Will iPhone 15 be a Redesign?

There is a high chance that apple will bring minor design changes to next year’s iPhone lineup. I believe that too. Cost cutting and other production problems could also disrupt Apple’s plan to redesign iPhone 15.

Will iPhone 15 have 4 Cameras?

Apple introduced their new 48 M.P. Camera sensors to their iPhone 14 Pro models. iPhone 15 Cameras could be upgraded to 3 lenses If apple feels generous. Otherwise, we will see improvements to their existing Ultra Wide and Telephoto Lens Sensors and Apple will stick to its 2-lens camera system for iPhone 15 models.

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iPhone 15 Cameras

Will the iPhone 15 have a Better Camera? iPhone 15 Pro models could see a minor upgrade to their camera system. As we know, the apple never gives upgrades to their hardware every year. The latest rumour claims, that iPhone 15 will have a “state-of-the-art image sensor”. Apple may bring in, New Sony Camera Sensor to iPhone 15 models.

They will do minor tweaks to capture more details in the Photos and Videos we shoot. I wish Apple would bring a 48MP Telephoto Lens to shoot Sharper Pictures at least next year.

Will there be an iPhone 15?

There is no problem with the naming scheme so far. Apple will name their next year 2024 iPhone lineup iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. No change is expected in the naming of the iPhone model next year.

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Will iPhone 15 have Touch ID?

It’s a Big No! It comes to my mind immediately. Apple is definitely testing or has done under Display Touch ID as they have similar patents. But Face ID is Good, and it works with Masks. Apple fixed several problems that Face ID users were facing in recent developments.

So, In-Display Touch ID iPhone 15 or iPad-like Power button enabled Touch ID features are not possible, is what I think. Do share your thoughts in the comments section. Will iPhone 15 have Touch ID or Not?

iPhone 15 to be WaterProof?

Well, we all know the present Europe law forcing Apple to comply with bringing iPhone with USB C Port, and in a recent Interview, also we did see some positive signs of confirming the same. Tech Experts believe Apple could go Portless instead of USB C.

iphone 15 usb c

Apple is so adamant and crazy sometimes when it comes to following what other manufacturers do. They always wanted to lead, and Portless iPhone 15 could happen if no Production issues were faced.

In the present scenario, the chances of an iPhone 15 without Ports are very few. But iPhone 15 USB C Port could happen, is What I believe too. So iPhone 15 Water Resistance could be improved, if it gets USB C. Only if it goes Portless, then we may see iPhone 15 WaterProof, otherwise not possible.

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How much will the iPhone 15 Cost?

Chip Shortage, U.S. Dollar Increase against other currencies and Production Difficulties could also result in a Price Increase next year. This year Apple hiked the price of iPhone 14 models in other countries for the above reasons.

So yes, chances of seeing the iPhone 15 price increase even in the U.S. When the iPhone 15 Release happens.

Currently, iPhone 14 starts at $799, and iPhone 14 Pro model starts at $999. Even a $50 increase in the U.S. could see more price hike in other countries, is what I believe. Do share your thoughts about iPhone 15 Price Increase possibilities in the comments.

iPhone 15 Design Leaks

Will iPhone 15 Design look like iPhone 5C? based on the latest iPhone 15 Leaks from @ShrimpApplePro, iPhone 15 Redesign will happen and look more like iPhone 5C rear design.

iphone 15 design leaks

This is too early to make any claim, as the Twitter user and other leakers could have seen one of the iPhone 15 Prototypes. When apple moved all their products from curved to Box design, I wondered why they had to return them. There are claims that the rounded casing of the iPhone 15 could have titanium material.

That’s a strong possibility for iPhone 15 models. For cost-cutting reasons, of course.

When more iPhone 15 Design Leaks and iPhone 15 Leaks come up, I will share them in our upcoming articles. If you are eager to know the latest news updates about iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models release and more, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Have a wonderful day.

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