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We have an exclusive 40% WP Answers Discount Coupon for our readers and you can get them in the link. Today we have a great news for existing and people who have a plan of running this auto money making website with wp answers wordpress plugin. Yes, this is a wordpress plugin and it requires just a wordpress installation in your web server. It has everything ready to start your Question and Answer website instantly.

  • Twitter OAuth
  • Facebook Connect
  • All New Refreshed Admin Panel
  • Excellent and Enhanced SEO

If you purchase wp-answers plugin from the below link, then please do leave your new wp-answers powered website url to give a link back and let our visitors see how well you have constructed your website.

Take a look at the all new refreshed administrator panel of wp answers plugin and a cool long awaited feature of Twitter OAuth and Facebook Connect feature to login without signup. Your visitors who come up with questions to ask, no more required to signup and verify through an email Just a click of Facebook Connect or Twitter OAuth will let them to post their question. Sounds very simple isn’t it ?

The admin panel look like,

WP Answers Plugin

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  1. It’s really cool, the only thing I don’t like is that it can’t be integrated into existing blogs like e.g. GreatAnswers (linked above). The themes are great anyway, ideal for a dedicated site.

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