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Amazon Kindle Fire 8 GB with WiFi and 10+ More Prizes [Giveaway]

Update: Contest Over. The Result will be Declared on 25th, December 2011 at 05:00 PM [IST]. We will Record a video of the Draw and same will be available on Youtube Channel of DailyTUT. Merry Christmas !

We are here with another interesting giveaway for the month of November 2011. This time we will select 1 winner to own an Amazon Kindle Fire WiFi model with 8 GB inbuilt memory and 13 more to give ebooks and premium wordpress themes. Amazon has recently launched a totally new series of Kindle eBook readers to change the way you read books. They have also come up with Amazon Kindle Fire, powered by Android OS and allows you to watch movies, listen to your favorite music and do so much like the way you do with Apple iPad.


DailyTUT Celebrates this XMAS with Readers 🙂 Come in, More prizes to WIN !

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXEv4AMoefI[/youtube]

Amazon Kindle Fire Giveaway

So Kindle Fire is almost said to be an iPad competitor and Apple is also working on a low price edition of iPad to release in an year to battle with the new Amazon Kindle Fire.

amazon kindle fire

More about Amazon Kindle Tablets

Ready to participate in the contest and grab your Cool New Amazon Kindle Fire ? Its very easy and no complex steps to be followed to participate. Simply follow the steps given and you are IN to win an Amazon Kindle Fire.

Participate and WIN Amazon Kindle Fire

Simply complete the following tasks to become eligible to participate and win an amazon kindle fire 8gb tablet. We do have some more interesting giveaways for our next 13 Winners and hope to see that numbers increase soon when we get more sponsors. After the Rockstar who gonna own this amazing new kindle fire tablet, there will be 13 winners more who will get,

  1. Premiumpress Theme Licenses (10 Numbers worth 790 USD)
  2. iHelicopter (1 Number)
  3. Rockable Press Ebooks (3 Numbers)

You may like to read about Premiumpress Review here. Lets complete the following task and quickly join in.

Contest Start Date: 24th, November 2011

Contest End Date: 23rd, December 2011

Please feel free to write to us ([email protected]) anytime if you have any feedback and suggestion.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. The Kindle
    Fire does use the Amazon App store for software and app download. The
    Amazon Fire does run a customize android software but does not allow
    running Android Marketplace or installing apps from Android

  2. Hey Robin another great giveaway by you and the DailyTUT.
    quite happy to participate in this giveaway and as far as the question is concern right now i dont have a E-book reader or what so ever any tab also.
    all the very best for this contest and the wish you lots of success.
    Thank you Brother.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. Please count me in.

    Q. Do you already own any eBook Reader ?
    A. No, I don’t. Very costly for me to buy.

    Thanks, Grr

  4. pretty good give away, will be a inspiration for newbie bloggers, love to go for it, kindled the fire in me… I AM GONNA WIN IT..

  5. Yes amazon has a selection of free ebooks, and they update them often.
    You can also download tons of free ebooks from across the web and load
    them onto the kindle via the usb cable from your computer.

  6. I dont own Ebook reader here the chance to get one. Love to hv one so waiting for your reply or for last date of contest. Thanks for efforts and opportunity 

  7. I never see  Amazon Kindle Tablets But I that why I want to feel directly in my hand I hope this time I will be win
    Thanks for giveaway

  8. Its been v.v.v.v.long seance I won anything.. and a gadget I think I never won.. And I read a lot of novels so I think I do need one of these.. Hope to win, lets see..

  9. Its been v.v.v.v.long seance I won anything.. and a gadget I think I never won.. And I read a lot of novels so I think I do need one of these.. Hope to win, lets see..

  10. I really need this Reader.

    Hope this Christmas brings me one, be Santa for me and give me the kindle.
    Its very important for me to win this..

  11. No i don’t have any ebook reader and i don’t know i already participated !! i think i participated but don’t know what happend .if i am twice consider me one 🙂

  12. No I have no kind of reader, tablet, or even a cellphone that I can read on or get Internet on. Just a poor little gal in the hills of TN that really could use an Amazon Kindell Fire!

  13. I don’t have an ebook reader but I do have an iPod Touch on which I read books using iBooks and Kindle app but I need a 7-inch or 10-inch tablet to read magazine in full resolution which I think kindle fire supports.

  14. i own an iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi !! 🙂 but i never used it for reading !! only games !! my sister has habits of reading books & she is earning so kindle fire suits her cz she can purchase 😉

  15. I don’t have any e-book reader and so want to win this.
    I dont have a name for my facebook profile. So i have given my profile ID in the extra info field. Hope that is fine.

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