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Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5GB of Online Storage for Free

Cloud made the concept of web even more simple. It provides a lot of features and easy way of accessing techniques towards the user data among the web. A new cloud service namedAmazon cloud drive introduced by Amazon with a initial storage of 5GB for free. All you need to do is, you have to sign up for Amazon cloud service and start using it. Cloud based storage is accessible from anywhere in the web from your browser. It offers a secure way of accessing your data and also reduces the possibility of lose of  your data.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon cloud drive is entirely based on online storage. You can upload your files from local drive and access it from anywhere among the web. But the service from Microsoft named as “Skydrive” offers 25GB of online storage for the users. Also The service from Google named as “Gdrive” which offers 1GB of storage but it has a lot of tools and file formats support.

Amazon cloud service lacks lot of tools which are available in those existing services. Also while comparing the prices for extending the storage it is quite costlier than Skydrive and Gdrive. Those services have reasonable price for extending storage as compared to Amazon cloud drive. Even Google Gdrive has 1GB of storage it offers a lot of tools and file formats support.

Also Gdrive offers reasonable price for extending storage. They charge $5 for 20 GB per year and $256 for a year of 1TB. But Amazon charge $20 for a year  of 20GB and $1000 for 1TB of storage per year. Even its a cloud based storage this much of cost is not affordable also it lacks of services and tools offered by Gdrive.

Skydrive offers the service of synchronizing your hard disk and online storage. This is missing in Amazon cloud drive. Also skydrive offers 25GB of free storage initially. It provides a sharable link for your files available in online. You can share that link with your friend and he can download the file available in your online storage.

Amazon cloud drive is efficient for the basic online storage and for secured file storage. But in cost-wise it is more expensive also it lacks of many features comparing to the existing ones. What you think about amazon cloud drive. Share your ideas in comment box.

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