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WP-Google Buzz WordPress Plugin Updated

I actually thought to email the developer of WP-Google Buzz wordpress plugin that adds Google Buzz feature to your Blog, regarding the Alignment. Yes, the Retweet button which i am using one is from Topsy, even the previous one Tweetmeme provides the option to align the button either in right or left side of the article. Till yesterday, the WP-Google Buzz plugin doesnt provide such option to its users.

Still, the plugin missing with the manual alignment feature. Where the user can modify the div tag options simply from the plugin dashboard page. Hope to see this in next update. The developer recognized it and added the feature in his recent update done today. Now it will make my blog look more good for buzzers 🙂 Have fun !

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. I dont know but I just want to know what the use of such plugin, if the webmaster has an option of implementing Google Buzz through Code. ? I dont think this plugin is a worth.. Ya it may help to beginners who doesnt know how to put codes.

  2. Today people can find every thing internet by launching a simple search. And google shows that wordpress google buzz plugin is hitting more search results by the bloggers.

    And u gave the other part of the answer at the last line. 🙂

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