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Update: For Mac OS X read Cleanmymac 3 Review and get the best cleaner software to speed up and boost your Mac’s performance.

Remember Mackeeper ? one amazing zeobit product that provides complete security and boosts the performance of Mac OS X installed Macbook, iMac or Macbook Air now comes to PC users with little change in its name. Read Mackeeper Review here and explore all its features if you are looking for mac version of this software. Its called PCKeeper which is 911 for your Windows PC that acts as Antivirus and with extra special tools, it manages your hard disk drive in a better way and optimizes it to deliver the best performance in terms of speed and stability. You cannot find this kind of software anywhere as it almost an All-In-One utility for your windows computer.

pckeeper features

PCKeeper Antivirus stands in 6th place when it comes to Antivirus Ranking world wide. This shows the best antivirus software you can get for one low price now. Zeobit has proved they are one of the best software manufacturer when it comes to security and performance boosting software for Mac with their Mackeeper software. And we do have an exclusive mackeeper review and coupon code to save you big bucks.

Best Antivirus for Mac

Mackeeper gives complete peace of mind and lets you focus on your work, where you can run your Mac OS simply with excellent speed and performance.

Best Antivirus for PC

PCKeeper again brings you the same with extra ordinary utilities that save you hundreds of dollars without purchasing and installing software to keep your windows performance also go great. This all in one software takes care of your security with its Antivirus software, Harddisk monitoring utility, Registry Cleaner, File Recovery and some more useful utilities, it just stands out from the crowd and saves your computer resource as well. Lets have a look at PCKeeper features specifically.

PCKeeper Antivirus

This antivirus software protects your computer almost maximum threats that comes from offline and online. It scans and remove windows viruses. Protects your computer from Identity Thefts. Monitors your Internet surfing activity and ensures you are downloading files from websites that are safe and alerts you when it detects something suspicious. It also scans your downloaded files to make sure there are no suspicious or hidden trojan, virus, spyware or malware injected into it. PCKeeper virus signature database works very well at offline as well.

Another possible way to get infected by viruses is through Pen Drives. This software takes care of that very well and removes any virus detected during its automatic scan when you have inserted the flash drive or secondary storage drives (Portable HDD, SSD, CD, DVD) in your computers USB.

Anti-Theft Software

This is an essential utility for Laptops. You no more required additional programs when you buy PCKeeper as it just does great job in locating your PC or Laptop when its connected to Internet atleast once after theft incident. It gets you the complete Geographical Data with IP and Network details to let you track and find it easily. It also takes a snapshot of the Thief and send it to your Email which makes the finding process even more easier.

 Cleaning Utilities

Another important reason that you should consider buying PCKeeper is because of its cleaning utilities. We forget to clean our computer often and that increases the amount of Junk files stored in the system which hits the Speed and Performance overall.

Uninstaller – which keeps track of your installed software and helps you uninstall them completely without any files left.

Disk Cleaner – helps you to clean your windows computer disk by removing all the Junk files.

Disk Explorer – search and find specific files faster and easily with this simple utility.

Duplicates Finder – dont let Duplicate files stored and occupy more space on your hard drive anymore. This utility helps you find and remove any Duplicate files created by Third party applications you use in your computer.

Disk Defragmenter – Quite effective than the default disk defragmentation utility which helps you to defragment your hard disk drive and that in turn gives you the best system performance ever. It is highly recommended to do defragmentation on PC’s to organize the system files and user files that improves the performance overall.

Disk Checker – find and fix errors on your disks with PCKeeper Disk checker utility. Bad Sectors, software created errors and tracks have no business on your disk any more.

Registry Utilities – another interesting tool that PCKeeper comes with is, Registry error manager and fixing tool, which just takes care of your Windows Registry area clean and best. Registry is the backbone of windows computer and it is highly recommended to manage it by removing junk records and keeping it clean helps in system performance as well.

File Recovery

Ever deleted files or folders accidentally ? hunting in Google for “Free file recovery software for windows” ?. No more worries as PCKeeper comes with File Recovery application as another utility that just helps you recover deleted files. It may not just You deleted the file, at times the software we use does that which will make us to loose some important files that we been working on. So any type of software crashes, antivirus programs, or some virus may delete the file and this utility helps you to get that back in minutes.

Hide Files and Folders with Data Hider

Now you can easily hide and password protect some sensitive or private files, folders and media contents with Data Hider utility that comes with PCKeeper. This protects the file from other users who login to your computer. This is one most searched program for windows every time as people afraid about keeping their important documents on desktop and other drives when the computer is used by friends and family members also.

File Shredder – this one helps you to delete files without any traces and not possible to recover even when you use some file recovery software to get it back. An effective way to delete a file that you want never to be recovered by anyone.

Finally, this software comes with 2 more interesting features. You get 24 / 7 customer support right from PCKeeper window and you can get the technical assistance if something goes wrong in your PC after installing PCKeeper in Windows Xp or Wndows 7 computer. With screen sharing feature you can get a technical representative assistance quickly to get your issue resolved very faster and get back to your work.

pckeeper license

With these many features PCKeeper is worth buying for the following discounted price. You dont need any discount coupon code as each type of license already comes at low price to bring your the best PC experience.

pckeeper price

What Users Say about PCKeeper ?

pckeeper testimonials

Download PCKeeper fully functional Trial today and experience the difference in your Windows PC without any wait. As the name says, you almost get a PCKeeper full version license where you are free to test it for 15 Days where it is enough time to decide wise and buy the software then. They also offer 365 Days Money Back Guarantee which you cannot find anywhere and this almost means, they have the best software with them and promise you that you will never look for other software.

Download PCKeeper

Thanks for reading and you may now share this post with your friends and tell them a word about this great all in one utility for windows and mac computers.

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  1. This seems great protection for laptop and pc. Wish it has a free version but no time limit like Avira.
    I used Avira for 2 years now and it is very useful for my laptop.

  2. seems like a nice antivirus protection for pc’s..i currently use clamxav on my mac…never really tried out mackeeper..but wil definitely install pckeeper on windows. one more thing bro ur gravatar image is getting displayed wrong, pls change it! 🙂

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