10 Great WordPress Plugins for Great SEO

By far the most popular content management system (CMS) all over the world, WordPress attributes its popularity to its user friendly interface. Boating as the only CMS that is mentioned by Google in its webmaster tools, every internet company worth its salt understands the importance of having wordpress in its sites as the benefits accrued from it are truly magnificent. SEO is good by default when you use WordPress as your website platform. Still we can get more SEO benefits when we use some SEO Software or a Plugin that can make it much better to see impressive results. We do have a beautiful compilation of SEO Books for Beginners which is worth reading.


In order to optimize your wordPress page, number of plugins are necessary as they push your site to the next frontier in terms of excellent search rankings. If you do indeed have a word press page then the following plug-ins will do your page remarkable good by increasing your search rankings tremendously.

Shadow Box JS

A plugin that supports all media data, it is a quintessential online media viewing tool. It can display a large array of media in almost all browsers without having to navigate the viewer away from the linking page. Written in JavaScript and CSS, the plugin is greatly customizable. Download Shadow Box JS

Post Teaser

This excellent plugin generates a brief preview (teaser) for the main, archive and category pages. In addition, it has a neat word count feature. Its uniqueness is its greatly customizable feature. It saves user bandwidth and increases blog usability making it more efficient to the user. Download Post Teaser

Yet Another Related posts Plugin

This plugin catches data related to the post that you are currently viewing on the blog site. With its unique algorithm base, it allows users not to leave your site but continue reading. Download YARPP

Word press to twitter (YOURLS)

This plugin comes in handy as it creates URLs to your site posting them automatically on twitter. This greatly increases the readership of your blog. Download YOURLS

Micro data for SEO

This plugin is by Optimum 7.com. This plugin gives the blogger a clearer picture of exactly what his/her blog is about. Download MDFSEO.

W3-Total Cache

this plugin breathes life into your blog by caching of the browser page, object, and support the delivery of minify and content. It improves the server performance by caching each aspect of your site and reducing the time to download. It further improves conversion rates improving your site’s rank on google.com. Download W3Total Cache

  • Post and page caching
  • Caching of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • Magnification of CSS for posts, RSS feeds and pages
  • Browser cache control
  • Database caching
  • CDM integration for media and theme files

WP-DB Manager

site owners looking to back-up, repair, and restore their databases. Not only does allow the user to back up content in his word press site but also allows easy management of the word press site. Download WP-DB Manager.

  • Optimize your database
  • Backup your database
  • Repair your database
  • Delete your backup database

Simple word press backup

This plugin offers security to the word press site by ensuring that you do not lose data. You can back up your entire word-press database with the simple click of a button. Download SWPBackup

All in one SEO

After installation of the plugin, your custom meta description and meta titles allow Google crawlers to pick up information on important information about your website. Download All In One SEO

Google XML Sitemaps

It automatically allows site mapping for your website increasing the probability of every page being crawled by a search engine. Download Google XML Sitemaps. You may also search wordpress plugins database for Google Sitemap for Images and Videos.

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Google WebMaster Videos


Here i also like to include couple of videos for you which may help you to subscribe to this official channel.

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Author bio: This article has been written by Adam. He is a SEO expert and a creative designer who makes WordPress Video Themes for his clients all over the world. He is also good at writing about new plugins and versions of WordPress.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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