How to use Facebook One Time Password (OTP) ?

Hi Friends! We know that Facebook is a social network that connects people with their friends. This popular social networking website progressively introduces One Time Password functionality (OTP) . This  OTP is to generate a password code that is valid only for one login session or transaction and  this avoids the traditional static password which is stored by the browser for login.

The main goal of OTP is that people using public computers for logging onto their Facebook account without  using their regular password. Instead they can use One Time Password feature to prevent their account from keyloggers and online monitoring malware. To use the OTP service, users should text ” otp ” to 32665. They will immediately receive a code and they can use that code for logging in. This temporary access code is good for 20 minutes only, after that it gets useless . The cell phone number which is specified at the time of account registration is used for this process.

Facebook gives you a new innovative solution for this problem.”one-time passwords“.This service is available only for U.S presently and is expected for other countries in near future.Follow these procedures to get the one time password

  1. Provide your mobile number in your Facebook account.
  2. When you need a one-time password text “otp” to 32665 (U.S Only) and you shall receive the temporary password in your mobile

This password expires in 20 minutes.

Even a lot of banks use a similar system TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) which is mainly for transactions that involves moving money from your account . But the service of OTP is a testing phase and this is only for specified account, but soon it will available for every account .

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The other cool security related feature for users is more control over their account by Facebook Remote sign out. This will help the user in case when some one forgot to log off a computer and later realizes that  he is logged in. The person can Remotely log off  their account by using this service.

This One Time Password system is currently used only in U.S. at present. that gives extra measures to protect their account. Also, Facebook is working on the security issues  and the growth during the past two months.

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  1. Very cool feature Prabhu. I will definitely be using one time passwords more often now, especially when using public (or other peoples) computers that are not entirely trustworthy. Thanks for the info.

  2. Hi Prabu…

    I’ve already tried doing it. But I can’t send message to this number. I think it won’t be supported in India. It may take quite some time to be in practice.

    1. of course Bro you cant use this feature in India rite now…it s only applicable in USA n also it under testing phase in India…. But not yet successful!!! i think!

    1. Well said Sathish. this gonna be a live saver for many who lose their account due to keyloggers, trojan programs etc.,

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Thanks for this info Robin.

    When i worked with my client’s account, i was asked to fill some test like recognizing some images and stuff.

    I wasn’t ask for any password related password. I guess facebook is already secure and we can do more to secure it.

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