Facebook Timeline Forced to All Facebook User Accounts

Facebook Timeline is quite interesting feature that has good navigation options for your entire status update, pictures and videos that you have shared with your friends, comments you have left on your friends wall and so on. Still many people hate it totally as the new facebook timeline design is bit tough to understand initially and it takes some time to get use to it. People with slow internet speed also find it difficult to navigate across the pages.

old facebook layout

We came up with an article How to Disable Facebook Timeline few hours ago and we are sorry to say, that the steps we have shared no more works as facebook officially roll out the timeline feature to all the facebook accounts that starts right from today. We expected it to happen on 22nd december.

You will not be able to delete the facebook timeline and get back to the old facebook design. This is totally disappointing and hope facebook will consider bringing an option to let users choose old facebook or new facebook timeline design as per they wish.

Whats your take on this ? Are you looking for ways to get old facebook back ? Share your views in comments below. Thanks for reading and share this post to collect more opinions from your friends as well.

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  1. I admit it that some of the facebook updates are really quite useless. Ever since they messed up with that old chat box setup. But there are also other updates and developments that facebook managed to get it. Some of which are the privacy settings and the picture loading sequences were it loads the pictures quite faster now.

  2. dats bullshxtt iwant the 0ld fb baqq s00 madd it messed up my p0st and il0st all 0f my friends n0w im bl0cked frum sendnn friend request frum my 0ld fb 0nt0 my new 0ne…smfh!!

  3. i hate timeline because with this new feature my history remain to death i dont wanna remember who was my friend 4 years ago i really dont remmember some of them or after apply for a new job all of my workers search my past
    i think FB should make a new desgin(the design of timeline is ok) but without the feature of going back in time

  4. i want the old facebook back..by facebook changing is going to make people stop using it because its annoying .

  5. I will use Facebook  even if it  forces all the users to its time line mode. The reason behind this is because I have no choice. Google plus is not yet the best alternative for facebook. The best alternative for facebook is facebook.

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