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Some Interesting Google Schemer Schemes by Users

Google Schemer launched today under Beta version and it lets you create and share schemes that users like. The word “Scheme” actually means “Activity” in the world, that users like to do. For an example, if you are ordering your favorite dish at a restaurant, want to buy your first iPhone, and want to do something great that can be shared with your friends in circle, then that scheme can be created here.

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google schemer share

When Schemers in your circle found that interesting and want to do the same, then they will click on “i want to do it” also. Once you or your friend has achieved that specific scheme, then you will see an option “already done it” to select and let the world know that you have accomplished that task.

google schemer tasks

Similarly, you can see the schemes create by your friends and you may select “Already Done It” if you have already.

google schemer completed

Google Schemes Created by Schemers

Lets see some interesting google schemer schemes created by the users 🙂 that appears funny and quite interesting ofcourse 🙂

google scheme


google scheme—————————————-

google scheme—————————————-

google scheme

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  1. I am confused with this schemer…………..what is that………….is this related to blog traffic or some wht else..!

    1. Schemer lets you create schemes (activities) that you want to do. And people in your circle will follow up if they also want to do the same activity. And you will also see inspirations and people who have achieved the scheme you have created.

      Hope this helps you to understand schemer better. 🙂 Have fun !


  2. It’s quite possible Google will make Schemer into a game, awarding points that players may redeem at participating retailers in the form of discounts or deals. Perhaps it will be integrated with Google Offers, the company’s daily deals service.

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