omg! what are you doing in this video [Facebook Spam]

“omg! fbusername what are you doing in this video” , “HEY fbusername you look so stupid in this vid” a new facebook spam spreading viral across facebook. The sentence used usually tempt the user to view the video and simply do the Ctrl + V and enter to see whats in that video. Simple delete the link if its posted in your wall by one of your facebook friend.


Step 1: Delete the post in your wall.

Step 2: You may restrict other people posting on your wall by disabling “Account -> Privacy Settings -> Customize Settings -> Things others share -> Friends can post on my Wall ( Enable / Disable )“.

Preventing other users posting on your facebook wall gives you more security overall. Happy Facebooking.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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