Project Titan, Facebook’s Gmail Killer is coming on Monday

There is no confirmation from Facebook Team yet. However talks started to spread across blogosphere that Project Titan, a webmail client by Facebook going to release on Monday during Facebook Event. Which allows the possibility of Facebook users to send and receive mails thereafter using their existing Facebook Username. This is kind of cool feature that many facebook users will love to use for. However, there is still a question in my mind, how its going to be a Gmail Killer. Gmail has the state of the art Spam protection and we are experiencing it today.

Facebook groups ( All New Facebook Groups ) are getting spammed at some point and facebook is still fighting a lot to get rid off users facebook wall being spammed with unwanted application requests,messages. Gmail beaten Yahoo mail service through its extra ordinary storage and mainly for Gmail Spam Filtering service people rely on Gmail than Yahoo.

Facebook has its own popular photos, events, and soon expecting to launch local deals product as well. So, possibly facebook can jump into the webmail client service as per the assumption and lets hope whether the project titan goes as rumour or becomes real 🙂

update: is not actually facebook project titan. Its the mail portal for Facebook employees. Just wait for few more hours to let Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talks about it in the Event.

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    1. we have to wait till they make it official and i hope this will not just go as a rumor.

      Please wait till the Facebook’s monday event. Thanks for dropping by…



    is redirected to
    if i type in mozilla firefox . it shows UNTRUSTED SITE?
    is that really facebook Mail?

  2. I for one, thinks this is a bad idea. I do not want to give all my personal information AND my emails to one single company. Who knows what will they do with it. Plus, if Facebook ever goes down, you’d lose everything.

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