What are Facebook Ads ? How to Use it for Local and Small Business ?

After Facebook reached its 500 million active users in 2010, they have introduced Facebook Ads for promoting user’s business, pages and products. Initially when Ads were introduced, Facebook allows the users to try the first ad at free of cost. Many people gave ads to promote their websites and Facebook pages. That has become a huge hit and many users have experienced good change in the traffic and likes in their websites and Facebook pages. So Facebook Ads have become one of their major services and today from startup’s to multinational companies start promoting their products, services and fan pages through Facebook Ads.


Facebook Ads work based on location. It is very helpful in promoting local businesses and products on Facebook. So based on user’s location on their profile ads will be displayed on the right side of their Facebook wall and newsfeed. Also the algorithm works based on user’s page likes and the recent web pages they have visited. As per the recent Report from Facebook team, now the network has 1 billion registered users.

So you can easily promote your business to millions of people who are suitable and possible to become your customer, in a simple advertisement through Facebook. Let’s see how to use Facebook Ads effectively to promote your business.

How To Use Facebook Ads Effectively ?

In order to effectively use Facebook Ads, it is recommended to have a Facebook page for your business. Instead of giving an Ad about your website Facebook pages will work more effectively and also it will bring more likes to your page. Likes are nothing but subscriptions, after that whatever you update on your page it will be sent to people who liked your page. It will boost your productivity, also people constantly get updated about your business and products. So Facebook Ads will be effective if you give more importance to the Facebook Page than your website if it is a product or service based business.


Facebook has recently introduced a new feature to promote a particular post you share on your page or profile. You can promote status updates, images and the links that you share on Facebook using Promote feature. Those types of posts are called as sponsored stories and you can track the views and clicks on that particular post through Facebook Ads. If you are sharing an important link from your website or about your product you can promote that particular post to drive more traffic. The promotion starts from $5 and the cost will change based on the number of Facebook accounts the ads will be shown.

Facebook Ads were managed by an inbuilt system called the Ad Board, which helps in displaying the relevant ad content for users on their wall. When people give advertisements they select a particular location to display their ads. So based on the user’s location, ads will be displayed to them. Also the ads are displayed based on the Facebook pages they liked and the recent web pages visited by them. You can see all the Ads relevant to your account on Ad boards and easily manage ads displaying in your profile. Also remove unwanted ads from your wall using the cross mark at the top of the ad.

Promoting your business to millions of people is possible only through Facebook Ads and Promotions. So promote your Facebook Pages, Services and Products through Facebook Ads and gain more visibility and sales in your business. Also share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and have a great day !

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