iPad Mini: Arrives by 2012 End to Compete with Nexus and Kindle Fire

Apple may launch a smaller and cheaper version of current iPad to be named as iPad Mini by this year end. Google has just unveiled its tablet officially named Google Nexus 7 Tablet after Microsoft launched its Microsoft Surface. 2012 will be best known for the year of Tablets in future. Tech giants have already started to target economy versions of their Tablets that gives better choice to the users to choose from.

ipad mini tablet

iPad gives many features than many other smaller version of tablets available in market today. This makes it always the king of tablet when people think about purchasing one of the best tablet and that too from Apple. There is no doubt, that Apple iPad has revolutionized the tablet market and to be more precise, it started a tablet war when it was released in 2010. Bloomberg has mentioned the arrival of iPad Mini in 2012 end as Nightmare for Nexus 7.

Many who buy smartphone and tablet are not going to Apple because of its price tag. You can see that clearly with iPad 2 sales after the launch of iPad 3 with Retina Display. People who wants a tablet to read news, play games and watching movies need a decent tablet that satisfies their requirements, where iPad 2 just does the great job with its recent slashed price. Apple WWDC 2012 was all about New Macbook Pro with Retina Display. Also there were sneak peeks about iOS 6 and Mountain Lion OS X.

So far apple is very silent about this upcoming new iPad Mini and there are very authentic sources confirming there will be an iPad Mini by this year end and names not disclosed as Apple hasn’t made any announcement so far.

via [Bloomberg]

As we wrote few days before based on a news from one Chinese website Kotaku, the upcoming new iPad Mini may have 7 to 8 inch diagonally which is less than the current 9.7 inch screen size. Apple may put a price tag of 249$ to 299$ to make it stand in front of its competing tablets from Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

There are also rumors about Amazon Kindle Fire HD which can be released by the end of this year, and that can help amazon to not get defeated in tablet war with the newly released Google Nexus 7 tablet. As we know that nexus 7 got a faster processor built by Asus and also got a front facing camera which can easily convince customers to go for it, than Amazon Kindle Fire.

Price Really Matters

If Apple really wants to come down with a product to compete with the fellow tablets, then it really got to come down with a price that fits the budget of people who expect to own a tablet for less than 200$. Lets wait and see what it has got.

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  1. The new iPad has been and gone, sporting a chunkier
    and heavier build than the iPad 2,
    which left some wondering: what’s with all the extra weight? However, it looks
    like Apple may be about to aid those conscious of extra grams in their bags, as
    rumors hot up about a potential iPad Mini (or iPad nano, if you prefer)
    arriving later this year. As the Amazon Kindle
    Fire steals the
    budget tablet show and with more small, cheap tablets on the horizon, such as
    the Google Nexus
    tablet, Apple may well want a bite of the, well, apple.

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