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HOW TO: Use Jolicloud as Portable Desktop?

Jolicloud is one among the top 10 cloud operating system. This tiny cloud based operating system gives you a lot of options plus lets you to carry your desktop anywhere. Jolicloud is compatible with most of the famous browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox 4 and above, safari 5 and above. If you are not sure what jolicloud is, then check out Jolicloud Review here. Today i have an interesting feature of Jolicloud that improves and gives the true jolicloud experience.

Jolicloud as Portable Desktop ?

Jolicloud Review

Create Jolicloud Account

The first step is to select your browser from the above mentioned list and signup for jolicloud account. You may fill out the jolicloud registration form or use Facebook Connect feature to signup quickly and start to experience your Jolicloud Web OS Desktop. If you are using Google chrome, then you may try Jolicloud extension for Google Chrome to simplify it even more in accessing your Jolicloud desktop.

Jolicloud Signup

Note: Never use google chrome jolicloud extension in public computers. Its not recommended as it may be a security risk.

Personalize Jolicloud Apps

After finishing your sign up you will enter into your Jolicloud Desktop. The home screen is accompanied with some of the default jolicloud apps that are, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Flickr, Wikipedia and few more . Now you can personalize your apps by adding your favorite apps from the directory. It is available at the left corner of your Jolicloud desktop.

Jolicloud Signup 2

Thousands of apps are available for Jolicloud. The directory look as in the screenshot below. It will show the apps based on the usage by others. Also it shows the apps which are already installed in your personal desktop. Just a click over the add button is needed to install the particular app in your desktop. Apps are categorized based on its nature so it is very easy for the users to find their favorite ones.

Jolicloud Desktop 1

Jolicloud gives lot of options to make your work flow easy from anywhere. You can edit documents, share music, play your favorite games, read news and much more from your single Jolicloud desktop.

# Start Joliclouding

Jolicloud also offers a personal profile to connect with your friends who are all using Jolicloud. It fetches all the information from your facebook profile and shows how many of your facebook friends using Jolicloud. Find your personal Jolicloud page at my.jolicloud.com/facebook_username (or) Jolicloud_username.

Jolicloud Desktop 3

Similar to Twitter, Jolicloud profile contain following and followers. Initially you can follow your Facebook friends who are all using Jolicloud. Also you can search for your friend’s profile with their Jolicloud usernames. Your profile page lists the apps you selected other than the default ones. The apps you mark as favorite in your Jolicloud directory will be listed in your personal profile. Also you can find your friend’s favorite apps from their profile page.

# Expand the wings of Jolicloud

Now its your time to expand the performance and usage of  your Jolicloud account. I hope everyone know the feature of Dropbox powered by cloud storage. It synchronizes all the files from dropbox account and helps to access from Jolicloud. Also you can add your Google docs to Jolicloud. Recently Google added support for lot more file types. So it will be worth of connecting your Jolicloud account with Google docs.

Jolicloud Desktop 4

There is no doubt that jolicloud stands as no 1 web os today compare to any other leading cloud os competitors. Flexible and so simple than many cloud os. Do try out this awesome cloud operating system in your netbook or notebook and share your views as a comment.

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