20 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the Second most widely used browser in the existing ones. It works based on a technology called WebKit Layout Engine. It has the capacity to load complex websites in a lighting speed. Google Chrome is designed with V8 Javascript Engine, an open source and powerful platform for running java script. It gives a high speed and light-weight browser towards the user.

Few months before I wrote about Google chrome extensions for bloggers and Cool extensions for Google Chrome. Now I came with a new set of extensions for Google Chrome which surely gives a best browsing experience in your browser.


Gtalklet is a simple Gtalk Client for chrome. It embeds chat box to all the websites you browse through chrome (except Gmail, Google plus and Orkut). Also you can add desktop notification for your messages from chat using this extension. It allows for multiple sign-in also you can add Facebook chat to this extension. It gives a best chatting experience in Google Chrome (Install Gtalklet)



Talkita is an interesting chat application. It allows users to chat who are all in the same website. For instance, if you are a chrome user and installed talkita in your browser then you can chat with same extension users in chrome in what ever website you visit. Its simply like chatting with talkita users in different websites. (Install Talkita)


What font

You may visit a webpage and find the font used in webpage is really awesome but you may unable to find exactly what is the font used in that particular site. If you are a blogger surely you might have came across this situation. So in order to overcome this you have an extension called What Font in chrome to find the font used in a website. It supports for Typekit and Google Font API. (Install whatfont)


Tab Cloud

Now you can save any tab in your chrome and open it in any other computers using Tab cloud. It is a cloud based extension for chrome which saves and sync your tab with multiple computers online. You can easily save and restore windows with some few clicks using Tab Cloud. Tab cloud is not only for computers it is also available for mobile platform so that you can access your saved tabs even from your smartphones. (Install Tabcloud)



We have lot of E-mail clients to stay updated with our multiple mail clients. Here is the extension for chrome which embeds with your browser and gives the notifications about your incoming mails. You can add any number of email accounts and navigating between different accounts is very simple by using this extension. Number of unread mails will be displayed with the icon near to address bar. (Install X-Notifier)


You Tube Options for Google Chrome

You can customize You Tube options using this extension in your chrome. You have options to disable ads, annotations and auto-play in You Tube Videos. Even you can change resolution to a particular ratio and all your videos will automatically load in that particular resolution by default. It is not only for You Tube it also supports for Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu and others. (Install You Tube options for Google Chrome)


Pure Reader

Pure Reader is a best RSS Reader for chrome. It gives a best user interface and full screen mode instantly to read your favorite webpages. Also it can save the webpages for reading offline. You can easily share your favorite webpages in Facebook and Twitter easily while you reading. It uses HTML 5 local storage so that you don’t have any login procedures for entering into a full screen reading mode and saving webpages for offline reading. (Install PureReader)

pure reader


Vimium is an extension for advanced users and gives a platform independent browsing experience in your browser. It helps you to browse all over the web only using your keyboard without your mouse. They have their own set of keyboard shortcuts to carryout your actions in the browser which is same for all the platforms (windows, mac, linux, etc). For instance to scroll down you can use “j“, for scroll up you can use “k“.

For switching between tabs you can use “shift+j” to move forward and “shift+k” to move backward. This gives a faster browsing experience in your Chrome browser (Install Vimium)


Fastest tube

Fastest Tube is an extension for downloading You Tube videos. It is a very comfortable extension which has lot of customizing options in downloading videos from You Tube. You can find download button at the end of videos and you have multiple resolution sizes to download. It is compatible with most of the leading browsers.  All you need to do is go to the developer’s site, install the extension in your browser. Open a video in Youtube and start downloading it. (Install FastestTube)


Send To Kindle

This is for those who have Amazon kindle with them. After installing this app you can send your favorites webpages from browser to Kindle using this extension. It is designed in the manner of pushing data from web to your kindle easily so that you can read your favorite pages later in Kindle. It will automatically delete the ads and blank area in the main page of article. (Install SendToKindle)


Add Into

Add Into is a chrome extension helps you to share your favorite content among more than 100 social media services online. You can arrange the social networks in the priority you need also sharing buttons can be customized in vertical order so that it is easy to share your content among web. This extension keeps the history of shared content in your browser. (Install AddInto)


History Site Blocker

History Site Blocker is an extension which schedules and organize your history in chrome. You can turn off history for a set of websites in your browser also you can schedule for the time it need to record and disable your browsing history. It is highly customizable and helpful in optimizing your browsing data. (Install History Site Blocker)


Postpone Page

Postpone Page is a chrome extension which lets you to save and read your favorite content later. Highlight of this extension is, it is very light-weighted and to save a webpage just double click on the Postpone Page icon near to address bar and the current page will be closed. Later you can find the Postponed Pages by clicking on the extension. (Install Postpone Page)


Panic Button

Panic Button helps you to close all your tabs instantly by clicking on the panic button in your browser. Also you can close by using F4 button in your keyboard. This will keep you away from closing tabs one by one also when your chrome freezes just press F4 to close and restart your browser. This will surely help you in reducing your waiting time. (Install Panic Button)


Chrome Notepad

Chrome Notepad is a simple notepad extension for chrome which helps you to take notes while browsing through internet. One of the important feature of Chrome Notepad is, you can sync with any other browser with Chrome Notepad. So that it will be helpful in virtually carrying your data anywhere you go. It works based on the process of Bookmarks Sync. (Install Chrome Notepad)


Tab Jump

Tab Jump is a best tab manager for chrome browser. While working with plenty of tabs surely you might have some confusion in navigating among different tabs. In those times Tab Jump will help you by highlighting frequently used tabs and related tabs to them. Also it has options to restore accidentally closed tabs in your browser. You can lock tabs using Tab Jump to prevent from closing accidentally. (Install Tab Jump)


SG Plus

SG Plus is an social sharing extension for Google Chrome. It helps you to share your favorite content in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You may also read feeds from these sites using this extension in your browser. You can integrate your Facebook and Twitter account with Google Plus. So that your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be updated automatically as you update on Google Plus. (Install SG Plus)



Croppr is a best extension for upgrading your browsing experience in Google Chrome. Images displayed while browsing can be enhanced by using Croppr. You can change background color, zoom, flip and rotate the images in your browser. Another cool feature is you can extract bigger images from a webpage using this extension. It can be effectively used in photosharing sites like flickr, photobucket, etc. (Install Croppr)



Minus helps you to share pictures, music and videos instantly while browsing through web. A short link will be generated after uploading your files into minus server. You can share anywhere around the web using that short link. After installing this extension just drag your files from desktop to browser and start sharing. (Install Minus)


Split Screen

Now you can split your browser’s screen into any number of frames you need. Install Split Screen in Google Chrome and use “options” in the extension to split your pages. You can watch a video while surfing through web. Also it is equipped with a notepad which helps you taking notes while surfing through multiple websites.(Install Split Screen)


Note: HTTPS Sites won’t work with this extension because it has framekiller and Jump out of frame command. So you need to turn off HTTPS if you need to surf through multiple frames.

Thanks for reading and please do share it with your friends and followers in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ if you like it. Happy Surfing !

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