Facebook to Launch Facebook Web Browser ?

Facebook may launch its own web browser in near future as unconfirmed sources says, and that will be named as Facebook WebBrowser. There is no official confirmation from FB team so far and this rumor started to spread across the web through blogs and social media.

[Image Credit: Smorepages]

Facebook Browser

If its true and facebook launches its web browser then surely it will become a great competitor for Google Chrome. Though we get so many new software and service launches recently, only very few people are able to know and use with such products. Google chrome so far beats many of its competitors and stand out when it comes to speed and performance.

We must wait for some more time to see how far this news gets into reality. Will you use Face book Browser if its launched ? Please do leave your views in comment.

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  1. I’m suspicious enough about Google and what they do with my data. If it wasn’t for the fact that Firefox seems to be getting more and more prone to crashing, I’d still be using that.

    But trust Facebook? Not likely…

  2. Great new and great development by facebook and i think they deserve for it because after google entrance in social media world they have right to enter in browsing as well as search engine field.

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