HOW TO: Setup Email on Windows Phone 7 ?

The development of science and technology has made sure that you are connected to the world no matter where you are. The coming of the Internet made it possible to communicate with your dear ones who did not live so near. Now, sending an e-mail is a child’s play. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find a computer from where you can send mails. Also, the working professionals who have to travel a lot on their job find it difficult to move about with a laptop. So, advanced phones like the Windows phone have come onto the stage to make the situation easier.

windows phone 7 email

A Windows phone 7 is Internet enabled but you have to configure the e-mail in it. Follow the simple steps given below and the process will be a breeze.

  • Go to the “Program List” and select “Settings
  • There you will find the option “Email and Accounts”. Select it
  • Now select “Add an Account
  • Select “Other Account”.
  • Now you will be asked the EMail and the password. Fill in your e-mail account details in the respective fields.
  • Now, click on “Sign In
  • Now, if you see a message stating that the device was unable to find the account information that you entered, select the “Advanced” option.
  • Now you will be asked a host of information. Given below is the information that you have to enter in the respective fields.

Incoming Mail Server – The domain name has to be enterer here. It is the part of the email address after the @ sign.

Account type – POP3

Username: fill in the username which will be your email address

Password: fill in the password

Outgoing Mail Server: Fill in the name of the incoming server name if you do not plan to use another outbound server.

Check the “Outgoing server requires authentication” checkbox.

  • Select the “Advanced Settings

if the check box marked “Require SSL for Incoming mail” is checked, then you have to uncheck it.

if the check box marked “ Require SSL for Outgoing mail” is checked, then you have to uncheck it too.

  • Now, select “Sign in” and you are done

Now, comes the most important part. You have to check if the steps that you followed were done correct or not. The only way to check is by sending a mail from the account and check if it gets delivered. If yes, then reply to the mail already sent and then check if the reply is delivered, which verifies that the Incoming and Outgoing mail server details on Windows Phone 7 configured correctly.

However, if you are having any difficulty in either sending or receiving mails then you have to check the details of Incoming and Outgoing SMTP mail server again. Even a tiny error can throw the entire effort off the track. Correct the mistake and check again. If the details you have entered are perfect and still unable to send / receive emails on your windows phone then do contact the nearest service center to get it fixed. There must be some other problem which is stopping you from accessing your email on your mobile phone.

Some times, the Reset Network Settings or Factory Reset helps as it flushes out all the settings that prevents your from Connecting to Internet or Settings related to Email.

Author Bio: Robert Smith who is a Software Developer write articles on SMTP Mail.

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