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Facebook for Websites, Integrate and Get Quality Traffic

Internet is really huge, you can find almost anything you wanted. If you dont find, then you can ask some one via answering websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Twitter, Facebook and so on, to get a reply from real people. There are so many helping minds out there and it is really easy to find them through your computer. Initially when websites were created, the only source for traffic were Advertisements and Direct traffic. After the arrival of Google search engines played an important role in serving traffic for websites. Even today search engines are one of the important sources of traffic for blogs and websites. We are in the era of Social Networking, where it plays the best role in serving traffic to websites across the Internet and search engines are giving so much important to social networking sites. Because the contents shared by real people in Facebook and Twitter are the best and chance of validity are high too. Especially after Facebook become more popular, many webmasters and bloggers started to promote their websites through Facebook, to get more traffic.

Not only the websites, different type of business people from start ups to multinational companies started to promote their business through Facebook. Many start ups changed their way of business after seeing positive traffic and sale conversions via Facebook. In developing local business and services, Facebook Ads are playing an important role. art-of-fb-int

Recently I wrote about using Facebook influence to promote Small businesses. Also about Ad service from Facebook to boost the productivity of start ups and local businesses. Even this sounds so simple, the result will be so effective if you do it in a right way. Also if your business is web related, more social influence will increase the productivity as well as the traffic. So you should use the mobile app in your Smartphone to stay in touch with Facebook wherever you go. Today we are going to see about Facebook integration for websites which will display the information about your Facebook page or the links shared from your website to Facebook. This will help you to increase the Facebook influence which will automatically make your website popular and drive more traffic. Let’s have a look at the type of Facebook integrations available for websites and how to do it.

How To Integrate Facebook with your Website

Integrating Facebook with your website is very simple. Code to use that particular function will be available on the Facebook developers page. Just copy the code and paste it in your blog or website to use integrate that function from Facebook. There are around 16 different plugins available, here I’m highlighting some of the important ones. You can check all the plugins in Facebook developers page.

Likes Button and Box

Like is one of the unique feature introduced by Facebook. You can integrate like button in two easy ways. Either you can integrate it for every single post or for the entire website using the Facebook page of your website. If you integrate the like button for posts, once a person like that post it will be added to their timeline, so that particular post will be again shared and liked further by their friends on Facebook. This will surely improve the traffic of your website. Like box is nothing but showing number of people who liked your website’s Facebook page with eight to ten people’s profile pictures.



This “Comments” plugin will just integrate the Facebook comments to your website. So people who visit to you can use their Facebook account to make comment on their particular post. Not only the Facebook account, they can also use their Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail account to post their comments. Also what ever they comment here on your website will be reflected in their Facebook wall. It will automatically share your post among their friends on Facebook.


Recommendations and Activity Feed

Recommendations will display popular posts on your website and how many people have recommended that post on Facebook. Activity Feed will show you the recent updates and post shared to Facebook from your website. More than Activity feed, Recommendations is quite useful for websites. It will help new people to know about the popular posts on your website which will make them spend some more time on your website.

recommendations- facebook

Send Button

Send button is nothing but the sharing feature on Facebook. It will let the users to share their favorite posts from your website to Facebook.  There is also a separate Facebook share plugin for website but Send button is quite simple and faster than the share button.


These are the few plugins which helps you to integrate Facebook with your website. This will improve your Facebook influence and generate quality traffic to your website. Try integrating these plugins into your website and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and have a great productive day !

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Yup Facebook is indeed the best source to get traffic. And Integration of Facebook widgets into blogs or websites is a easier one.

  2. We need to know all these to keep ourselves updated.Thanks for giving your valuable time.Hope i can ask for suggestions in future regarding this. Facebook is really good and it is the best way to generate traffic to your site, thanks for sharing.

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