Top 5 Funny Android Apps to Play

Android devices are getting more popular day by day. Lots of android applications are developed all over the world. People too interested in buying those applications which are unique and cheaper. Now i am gonna suggest you some funny applications which you will enjoy with your android device.

#1 Camera Fun Free

Are you interested in adding different effects to your photos? Camera Fun Free is one such application for your android phone to convert your favorite pics with different effects as you need. You can add live photoshop effects to your snaps with some clicks. Its a quite easier application to make your photos live.


#2 Call Announcer

Call announcer provides unique audible caller id for your android mobile. It fetches the caller id from your contact list and using the Google TTS (Text to speech conversion) capability rings your incoming call with a audible caller id synchronizing your ringtone. You can configure this app as you need, also you can set separate ringtone for unknown callers.


#3 Unlock with WiFi

Unlock with WiFi is an application which unlock your android phone when you enter into your home network. It means you doesn’t need to enter your pin number or pattern of your mobile. In this app you need to enter you password or draw the pattern when you use for logging in to your home network. This auto connects to your Wi Fi network once you reached your Home network region.


#4 3D Contact List

Now convert your contacts to 3D view and make a unique style to your contacts. By using this app you can also add, edit and email your contacts. Tap on the contact to view details about the contact and tap on the phone number to make a call. Please remember, this app is still in beta stage.


#5 Glass Widgets

Currently there are three widgets available with this app, Glass clock widget with weather update, Glass calender widget and Glass news widget which displays RSS feeds. It allows your Android live wallpaper in home screen to be the same after installing this app. In free version the option for changing background and text color are locked. You need to buy with half a dollar to enjoy with your favorite background and text color.


See you soon with a next set of android applications and ofcourse, with a good title. You may share your experience after trying out any or all of the android apps 😛

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. I think Voodoo Your Buddy is one of the funniest apps for android.  You get to make anyone you know into your own voodoo doll and stick them with pins to hear them scream LOL.  Great for ex girlfriends/boyfriends hahaha.

  2. Hey man, good list. I’ve tried that wifi unlock thing and its really nifty! Saves some time. You could try some fun free apps like Picturizr, Facesmash and Facetalk as well. 🙂

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