WYSIPS Solar Powered Smart Phones

Now you can solar charge your Smartphones and no more worries of finding power sources, chargers and plugs. Weeks before this technology was introduced by Whsips and this will soon come live in most popular smartphones. Whsips who won the first place at the CTIA’s 2011 Emerging Technology – Green Telecom and SMART Energy competition were eager to introduce this technology for various kinds of smartphones. wysips

A welcome one at the right time, as now a days more number of smartphones are introduced all with high end futures and they need huge battery for their consumption. As this technology comes to smartphones te battery sizes can be reduced and thinner smartphones can be introduced. Not only for smartphones they can be also introduced in Tablets, Laptops, and mp3 players.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUWnLkBsyaI[/youtube]

How it works?

A solar panel which is made out of a thin photovoltaic film, see-through and is only 0.1 mm thick, is placed underneath the capacitive layer of touch screens. This panel uses the sunlight and also all the available artificial sources of light to produce power. The interesting thing is that it can use light from the backlight of smartphones as recycled power. So any light source is a viable source of energy. This doesn’t mean that batteries are of no use, you still need them to store your energy.

The film is so thin that it won’t disturb the touch interface or display experience.

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