10+ Android Apps for Physically Challenged People

Android is a software stack for devices like mobiles and tablets. This is the currently emerging medium with most users reviewing it positively. The common talk What’s there in Android ? is changed to What is not there in Android ? it happened because most people start believing Android as a medium where they can get anything and everything  irrespective of their profession. Android on the hole a platform which provide things you ask for. When it comes to does is support all group of people first they might say yes later on if the question is stressed a bit they they would say probably no keeping disabled people in mind.

But Android actually provides support for those group which is quite not noticed by many. Tools they provide for disabled are simply sound in their means.


Gesture Search

Gesture search is the best thing so far as i think because this supports the people who were the victim to paralysis and lost their partial limbs may get benefited by this application. You need to draw the starting letter for any thing you search on the device screen. Further this will support visually impaired people to make some basic navigation inside their android device. (Download here)

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo is the best virtual assistant on your handset which will do things for your taking your voice as the input. Vlingo is a tool that will do whatever you say to it. Sounds interesting right, this application is specially designed for people who need some assistance for doing things. Now they can perform their own things just by having Vlingo on their device. (Download here)

Eyes-Free Shell

This application allows you to navigate to all other places on a single touch. Eyes free shell mode is a perfect communication device for the physically challenged with which they can easily operate the Android devices on a prerecorded navigation panel. (Download here)

Text to speech Extended

Text to Speech application is a must carry through for all those other than hearing impaired people. This application allows you to listen the text messages on your inbox and the general description on the other possible actions inside your Android device. (Download here)

Voice Search

Google voice search is about to handle your smartphone using your voice commands. This helps you to browse the web and your phone using your voice commands. Most recommended for the people who cant move their limbs for each and every accessbility everytime. (Download here)

XKCyanide LITE (Comic Reader)

Every one will start a day briskly and end the day exhausted out of long working hours, pressured environment so and so. Coming to differently abled they face more troubles than the usual being. It will be always a delight for them to enjoy as normal being with all such entertainment factors. Comic reader is such and app designed for those people to enjoy bedtime stories which will narrate a story for them. (Download here)

Hands-Free Voice Dialer : CD+

Before getting this paid version try the free trail version and i’m sure you will feel like buying the original version of this application. It works on bluetooth and most of the time you don’t need to worry about data connection. Using this tool you can dictate emails, texts, facebook status through voice with the support from google voice. (Download here)

Talking Dialer

Talking dialer is a special tool for the differently abled people. This allows you to make phone calls easier than before having a big screen with extra large icons and getting even bigger on a mild touch on it. (Download here)


This application is actually for people who needs to run along with time and spend most of the time in driving. You can use this for differently abled people also. Drivesafe.ly will help people by reading their messages, mail inbox, notification, and also allows you to respond by voice for prerecorded templates. (Download here)


Walky talky is an interactive application that guides you through streets then and there saying where you are and where you are about to move. This will help physically challenged people to know where they are moving in the busy world without others support. It works with the help of GPS so that you will be getting an virtual guide for navigation.(Download here)


Mem is a simple android game for physically challenged people. This helps people who cant move from their places or need some wheeled chairs for their movement into training their mind using Android. This simple application will give them time killing factors also thereby sharpening their intellect. (Download here)

eSpeak for android

Another speak engine for your browsing session is this tool which runs on Android. It helps in reading the files and web documents once its configured. Menu -> Settings -> Voice Input & Output ->Text-To-Speech settings. Once you have done with this basic settings change your default search Engine to eSpeak. (Download here)

Thanks for reading our article and I’m sure this collection will surely help some group of people in their routine life by any means. We will be glad to know any other interesting application that would help, support and make some assistance for them.

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  1. Does anyone know of an app for android that can help communicate with a woman who cant speak or move any of her limbs.

  2. Does anyone know of a good Android app which has a big keyboard. I have Cerebral Palsy and am about to throw my smart phone out the window. Please don’t say Iphone.. I know a lot of people who have trouble with them too.

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